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Thread: (Important) October Developer's Letter

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    Quote Originally Posted by RingOfSet View Post
    People said crafting will never come out, if things are going as they seem it looks like it'll be on TL servers by Christmas.

    Also, I think they are actually heading in the (correct) direction of making the raid items deconstructible in order to salvage the ingredients/parts. The best of the best weapons and armor will be crafted only and I see more and more raid gear NOT rotting because of this fact which is very good news.
    as much as I love funcom, the crafting thing was not only to be put in "soon" a YEAR ago, but it seemed to have a ton if it already done. They had a video on (you can find it on youtube looking for aoc crafting revamp) showing it off. The new UI, gems, components, visual aspect, everything. They had so much done, yet its been a year....

    Also been 2 years since mages were promised revamp.

    I have no doubt we'll get these things, just think it's gonna be far too late for a lot of people.

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    Some my guildmates complete all that quests every day for buff candies. And we have few clashes with NW 3 vs 3 groups in FOTD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathieulombardi View Post
    Fury is completely dead compared to crom.
    Well lets see, the first 2 days, conalls, conarchs, and fotd had 2-3 instances on crom.

    maybe you were in an underpopulated one.
    or blind.
    or both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QoXTC View Post
    Yes, you're all still whinging.
    Don't go emo, I just inform Tman.
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    We will be Serious after death.

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