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Thread: EU vs. US: Who is better?

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    Default EU vs. US: Who is better?

    So, now that we've been playing together for a bit. Which pbase do you believe is better at the game in terms of: 6 mans, raiding, premades/minis(PvP) and of course WHY?

    6mans: EU, they are clear cut better in most post old world 6mans. Most EU players have Khitai on farm.

    Raiding: EU, they're raiding groups have Erlik down solid. I know of only one US group that can come close to this.

    Premades/minis(PvP): US, I don't understand why, but the u.s. side has better pvpers in both from a technical aspect and enthusiasm. The way they move and anticipate attacks may make them just overall better gamers.

    What are your thoughts? And do you believe the merge had an overall positive affect on both pbases?

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    This thread won't end well.....

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    I don't understand how DTs can do so much dps while tanking? It is un-flipping-believable. I'm in the best t4 raiding guild and we never use guards!
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    Seems to be what guild/raid/dungeon you were with.

    I have been to a few euro pug t3s and their strats are 4 year old ancient. They don't use vent( no euros use vent at all it seems), raid leader doesn't respond to anything, and there seems to be 0 organization/raid leading.

    I don't do k6s anymore, I cannot comment on these. But it is nice to see more Xib/Iron Tower HM groups during the day. Although very few have a perfect group makeup or people that have done it before.

    I honestly still think US players are better. There is just more euro players than US players. I would guess the top euro guilds have really good players, but they more than likely log on for raids only.
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    I heard some US players have finished crows nest and Atzels and are now progressing on iron tower. Yakhmar is also on farm as long as DTs tank it so there is enough DPS.

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    So, can we get ringofset/throughthedoor banned yet?

    I would miss the random flames people throw at him, as hilarious as they are, but I think he hurts forum/game activity more than anything.

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    Im starting to think Ringofset & Throughthedoor are paid forum trolls to make the forums look alive
    As for this weird e-peen topic: I think the times to compare this are pretty much over as most top-notch guilds are nearly disbanded because of lacking content.
    At least I don't see too much activity from Ronin, X.Legion and other former pro-raidguilds anymore, same goes for most of the former pvp-guilds. This is from a EU-PoV, but I think it doesn't look much different on US-side, given the smaller overall community of US-players.
    So i don't see a reason why we should crown the side with the better leftover slackers.
    Quote Originally Posted by RingOfSet
    The way they move and anticipate attacks may make them just overall better gamers.
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    You could have asked directly which playerbase is better at trolling, you know... no need to try to make it pass as a game-related topic
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    I believe the forum merge had the worst possible outcome if you know what I mean.

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    I see nothing good coming out of this thread and will close it

    Thread closed
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