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    Default PvE-RP Event, 23rd October 2013

    Executive Summary - We have no idea whether Funcom run stat analysis on their quests but if they do, five gets you ten that the Conall's Valley Ymirish Quests are one of the most-deleted questlines in the game. Clan Conriocht and friends offer everyone with these quests sitting in their log the chance to clear them out at 7pm EST (Midnight BST).

    The Story

    The Moragh guards were actually twitching. Physically twitching in an effort to overcome centuries of clan hatred and superstitious dread. They wanted only to attack or run, a raw instinctive response. Caiyn mac Righaerd mac Aell almost approved. At least it was honest.

    It hadn't gone unnoticed by the other Conriocht either. "Do you want to say something or shall I?" muttered Ilvawr mac Nevyn.

    "Be silent, magus," rumbled Yrain mac Aranthor. "Iceblood ordered you here only to advise and defend."

    Ilvawr sighed and stuck his thumbs into his belt, next to the twin blades and the oddly carved talisman. "You're no fun, Lodestone" he told Yrain. "Don't you ever, you know, improvise? Just go with it and get swept along for the ride?"

    "No" said Yrain. Towering a head and a half over any of the Moragh he stared down at them, impassive. "The spear is grounded, men of Clan Moragh. We are guests here. Do not draw your weapons, lest I am forced to sheathe them for you".

    "Or in you" muttered Ilvawr, just loud enough for them to hear.

    "The hell is Torin Chieftain?" growled Caiyn Nighteyes.

    "Probably in the back room having his sister change his undies for him," smirked Ilvawr. He glanced at Yrain. "What? That was advice."

    "Who has hereditary chieftains anyway?" Caiyn shifted in his furs, the great axe bouncing unnoticed on his shoulder."

    Ilvawr shrugged. "We do, sort of. Your father was chief. His father was sort-of chief. And his father was Fionn Chieftain and he was definitely chief."

    "I had to fight for it, even though I didn't want it" Caiyn sighed.

    "Well, if you will get yourself into these things..."

    Caiyn fixed Ilvawr with a flat yellow-eyed stare. "You got me into it".

    Ilvawr grinned. "And now you're Chief! And you never even thanked me!"

    "Torin comes", said Yrain.

    "'bout bleedin' time" Caiyn snarled.

    Torin Chieftain was sweating but put up a good front as he approached the three (mostly) men of the Cursed Clan.

    "I have called you here by the ancient compact," he said.
    "What's a compact?" Caiyn whispered to Ilvawr.
    "Sort of a pocket sized mirror, I think" the mage told him.

    Torin was looking up at Caiyn. "What?" demanded the Conriocht. "Out with it, little man."

    "The Vanir are-" Torin began.
    "We know about 'em," Caiyn broke in. "I hunt 'em for sport sometimes. Why haven't you driven 'em out, is what I want to know."
    "They have sorcerers," Torin spat. "Ymirish".

    Caiyn shrugged. "So what? You just kill those too."

    "You might do," Torin Chieftain looked at his feet. "But you are..."

    "I am what?" Caiyn grinned wolfishly although to be fair, he had no other way to grin. "Taller than you? Not afraid? In possession of a spine?"


    "Well, there is that, yes," Caiyn nodded thoughtfully. "Not that it makes me immune to magics and stuff. Look Torin, it's not hard like splitting a bar bill. You just go up there and kill 'em all. They die a bit harder than most folk but no worries, you just fight a bit harder. And dead from magics is no different to dead by swords or axes or teeth or claws. Dead's dead."

    "This is going well, isn't it?" Ilvawr whispered to Yrain.
    "Shut up, Ilvawr mac Nevyn" Yrain told him, firmly.

    Torin glared at Caiyn. Caiyn shrugged. "Feel free to attack me if you feel insulted. I would."

    "I have a duty to this Clan," Torin recited, as if by rote. "To keep them from the predations of the Northmen and their allies."

    Caiyn sighed. "All right," he said. "I know the drill. Eóin* mac Kai mac Rúadrigh* ná Conriocht swore on the blood of the clan to protect Cimmeria from sorcerous threats. And technically I suppose this is one."

    "Then go, and do your duty, cursed one" Torin tried to stand tall.

    "Not so fast, little man," Caiyn growled. "Do you know the hazards of mercenary forces?"

    "What are you talking about, mercenary forces?"

    "Tell him, Ilvawr." Caiyn ordered, folding his arms.

    "A ruler should know there are two types of mercenary forces," Ilvawr began. "First, there are those who are useless. These can be manged but be aware that they will devour your reserves as quickly as possible and you will gain no benefit from them save appearance only."

    "For the record, we're not useless." Caiyn leaned in.

    "Second, there are those who are useful, and they are a major hazard. First, no-one would hire them unless they were better than those troops rulers already have. So once their work is done and they hold acclaim from the populace, what is there to stop them from deposing the ruler and taking his holdings for themselves?" Ilvawr finished.

    Caiyn turned to Torin, who had gone pale. "Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking we're the accursed ones, we'll never be popular. Largely, I agree. But we'll be a damn sight more popular than the Vanir. If we do your job for you, either you have to lead us personally or I'm going to want something pretty considerable to stop me from, for example, seizing Conall's Valley and eating you in front of your people. That's logic, that is."

    "What do you want?" Torin managed.

    "Not planning to lead us, then? There's a thing. In that case..." Caiyn's brow furrowed for a moment and then the wolfish grin returned. "In that case, I will take you as blood brother before all your Clan. Right now. Accursed blood will mingle with Moragh blood and my Clan and yours will be officially allies. That's my price."

    "No.." Torin whispered. "Not that."

    "Fair enough," Caiyn shrugged. "'bye then. Come on clansmen, let's go, the job's off."

    "Wait!" called Torin as the three turned to leave.

    Caiyn turned, one eyebrow raised quizzically.

    "It shall be done. As you say. Just clear out those filthy Ymirish!"

    "Oh, don't worry blood-brother. We'll kill every last one."

    *pronunciation guide - "OHwn"
    *pronunciation guide - "ROO-ree"

    The Skinny

    The actual raid will be in-character in /say but OOC in all other channels because IC in raid, guild and vent is basically not fun. Our Ventrilo server will be open for the occasion and if you want to pop along, you're most welcome.

    lvl80 characters will lead each Raid group in order to balance out the dumbnitude of sticking Elite quests out there for new characters and make sure of no mistakes.

    On the whole, it'll be fun. And you get those infuriating impossible-to-solo quests out of your book and a chance to meet some unusual characters.

    Muster at village gates at 7pmEST MidnightBST.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

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    (( I have been out there on a new character collecting the quests so I will be able to share them IF AND ONLY IF you have the prerequisites. Sorry but I can't help with that.

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    Briesse found a table at the Serpent's Head Inn and sat quietly, watching the small group in an alcove nearby, thinking back on her teenage years, when she used to learn so much useful - and often profitable - information with this activity. In the past, the buyers of this information often sought complete domination and the utter defeat of their enemies. Briesse's goal had been to build and support a balance of power, so that no one completely triumphed, which meant that their enemies were never completely obliterated. Briesse and the others like her had failed in that mission, and now all of those old powers were gone. Even the winners were now dust, she noted with a slight sardonic grin.

    She looked around again, wishing for something to observe, to keep her mind busy. When she arrived in Khemi earlier in the week , she checked in with her usual underground sources in Khemi. A few days later she received word from her kinsman Ilvawr to meet him here, this evening. Finally she spotted him in a corner, chatting up a young woman who appeared to be local Stygian nobility, from her dress, or relative lack of it. Shaking her head softly, with a private chuckle, she decided to watch her young relative in action. She grabbed an abandoned cup on the table, heedless of its contents, toyed with it and occasionally brought it to her lips pretending to drink.

    Eventually - either he failed with the young woman, or finally noticed Briesse across the room - Ilvawr crossed the room to join her.

    "Hear the news?" he asked as he sat at the table.

    Briesse's interest was aroused. "News? I could use some news? What's up?"

    "Wasn't your Ma of the Moragh?" he asked.

    She frowned. "One of the few good people among that backward, passive, whining, cowardly clan." She paused a moment, then continued "I suppose it might not be their fault. That coward of a chieftain Torin leads them that way, and I have learned that most people - not just Clan Moragh - go where they are led and believe what they are told, as long as it supports their identity within their group. What of them?"

    Ilvawr couldn't conceal an impish grin. "Torin's begging our, ahem, Noble Caiyn Chieftain to sort out his problem with the Ymirish invaders". The sarcastic emphasis he put on the word "noble" was hardly necessary to Briesse, who snorted out an unexpected guffaw.

    Ilvawr continued, "He's offering free passage. I told the hairy wolfborn, 'we go where the hell we want anyway'. But there it is.".

    "Is there anything in it for us?" she asked. "Knowing Caiyn, there must be."

    "We might get some gold, if Torin's got any left. Anyway, Machyn said Caiyn should make Torin should lead the raid. That would be funny. Or failing that, eat him."

    Briesse laughed and nodded. "So we do what Torin's people should have done, slaughter the raiders oppressing them, and return to - ah,here's where the story gets interesting. We return not to triumph and gratitude, but to more reviling for who and what we are, and the abilities Crom gave us that we used to save the ungrateful wretches. But the hope of future gratitude is rarely a good reason to do something, so I guess that part just doesn't matter. Sure, I'm in. Let's help them - again."

    Ilvawr's face and voice grew serious again. "Listen, Bloodmane, we are never going to be welcome among the other Clans. But they know they need us."

    Briesse nodded. "Yes, I know. But it's still nice to poke at them now and then."

    The witchborn lad smirked, "Oh, I do."

    "So when it's all done," Briesse went on, with a smirk, "we present Torin Chieftain with the head of a Ymirish leader - charred with 'unnatural' fire. Just so he remembers how the deed was done, and who did it".

    "Do you want to burn it?" he asked with a grin, "or shall I?"

    "Whoever burns it, burns it. I expect there will be plenty of heads, plenty of slaughter. But I still prefer the feel of good steel in my hands. The extra touches are just for show."

    Ilvawr nodded and stood to leave. "Well, Caiyn also demanded that Torin become blood-brothers with him, before all of Clan Moragh. You can imagine that was not received well. See you in three days, Briesse mac Owain".

    Briesse nodded in reply. "In three days, Ilvawr mac Nevyn".

    After he left, she looked down at the abandoned cup she had been toying with. It was only then she noticed the small mouse submerged in the remaining liquid, its little body appearing to be bound and unable to scramble out of the liquid, with impossibly tiny bonds.

    "Ugh, mages are horrible people," she mumbled to herself as she set the cup down on the table and pushed it away, trying to contain her revulsion. "And yet I am one," she acknowledged, as she stood to leave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azmith View Post
    What's my angle?
    Normally obtuse.

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    The sound brought the man hunched over the old glyphstone upright, and he stared down the wooded valley. There, marching in several lines, men and women walked towards the village he could barely see the smoke of to the west.

    After watching for several minutes, the man gave a sigh and turned back to translating the runes. "So the hillmen are moving again. Probably some gather or feast, or something." he muttered as he began tracing the lines on the stone again.

    "They look like they are going to fight." a female voice said from the shadows of a nearby tree. "Perhaps some fun for me?"

    The man shook his head. "No, Amaj. There are no armies close at hand, so either they are going to raid one of their neighbors, or they plan on jumping down one of the numberous tombs around this part of the world and getting some curse or other put on them. Either way, it does not involve our purposes."

    A snort from the shadows gave clear notice what the other thought of that. "Have I ever told you how unexciting you make things?"

    The man did not reply, instead silently mouthing the words he was seeing upon the rock. A few moments later, the voice said "I can see your heart. You want to go, don't you?"

    The man finally looked to the shadow. "Your instincts towards temptation are showing. Still them."

    A light laugh was the only reply as he returned to his work. "Besides, I imagine the barbarians will be finding out that the only reason those tombs are open are because the inhabitants within need a steady source of sustainance....."

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    Thanks to those that showed up. A lot of Ymirish died and a lot of quests got completed.

    If anyone can think of any more sections that could use this kind of blitz approach, please say so. We're like people to get the chance to play the whole game without suffering from poor design decisions.

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    Other elite areas in open world have all been removed. There are a few elite guys left here and there but nothing like Ymirish camps. Closest match would be Armsman and Turan arenas.
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    Some elite pirates have set up their camp south of Khopsheh province, and started robbing merchants. However only one of these merchants survived and he is now offering reward for those who will recover his precious merchandise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gevlya View Post
    Some elite pirates have set up their camp south of Khopsheh province, and started robbing merchants. However only one of these merchants survived and he is now offering reward for those who will recover his precious merchandise.
    We're interested...

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