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Thread: Wolves, LL or Tiger

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    i would go LL hate+wolves

    i went full wolves and that was nice but had some problems grabing aggro so i got some LL hate gear, armbands, head and bracers + Vile hate cape and a t2 sword, that was enought for me to tank everything at the moment

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    I just started playing my Conq again after letting him lie dormant for a couple of years.

    I'm working through all my factions in Khitai and have been thinking about what gear sets I want. I've been having great success with my Conqs DPS build, even with my very limited DPS gear (which consists of Tiger heavy shoulders and the Tigers Barb hands and a Jovus cloak). I'm really looking forward to DPSing with a full DPS suite

    With the Dragonspine sets, I can't see the Wolves still being something people will want to spend their rares and MoAs on. Granted we can't get the full sets yet, but I don't want to drop 392 rares on a chest and helm that'll only be replaced in a couple of months. The LL hate armor should be left to the Gaurds imo. Since the last Conq revamp, the Conq is plenty capable of rotating with Guards and DTs without stacking hate, if played well.

    Right now, my plan is to complete my BD set from T3 and farm a Dark Messenger set. Those will make up my protection and regular tanking armors and I'll likely acquire a Tigers set for my DPS suite.

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