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    Hay guys....What faction is best for a DPS build in pvp?

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    Definitely Jiang shi.
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    Well if you're looking for some gear to grind your way into pvp t2 ad pvp t3 sets, you should probably go tigers or scarlet circle way if you manage to get your specc right. Also probably Ibis, t1-t3 raid swords or maybe something wisdom based, no idea(I thinkg pvp 5 sword sucks hard and I personally use Massacre from Enigmata cause I'm too lazy to grind faction gear, ibis mats and I'm horribly unlucky in raids). Shield I would go pvp 5 as it gives nice prot. For rings I would go for Death Ward, Coil of Jiang Shi or wisdom milestone rings, though pvp rings can works as well and even Dreamers Keepsake(crafted blue ring) is pretty good if you manage to get it cheap from trader. Never really knew what neck and cape I should use as pvp ones only bring defensive stats which i don't like and pve ones are either too tank oriented or too dps oriented.
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