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Thread: Clan Conriocht

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    Default Clan Conriocht

    Clan Conriocht are a small group of old-school Day1 players, returning to attempt an experiment. That experiment is -

    can we create fun scenarios that anyone can enjoy on their own terms?

    With a selection of expertise in PvP, PvE and RP, we think it might be feasible. Let me explain.

    You want to try to melee only takedown of a Raid boss? Sounds crazy? We're right here to help you do it. You want to organize an old-school massed battle? Our specialty. You need bad guys to kidnap a princess/attack a caravan/steal your potato? We do bad guys. You need soldiers for a siege? We make great cannon fodder.

    So that's the day-to-day stuff. On a bigger scale, we plan to actively engage with guilds and see if we can't create some seriously fun stuff for you to do. The problem is that the fun stuff usually requires some amount of boring crap. The solution is, we'll do that admin. You just show up and enjoy.

    Because every guild that does some arpee needs the usual blurb on the forums, here is ours.

    Clan Conriocht are also known as the Cursed Clan. All are Cimmerian and most are related by blood. The "curse" is that many of them are capable of magic - not something Cimmerians approve of. This has lead to all kinds of unpleasantness, including exile, clan warfare and werewolves.

    The Clan are wanderers these days with no real home anywhere and are occasionally "led" by Caiyn mac Righaerd mac Aell ná Conriocht, or would be if he wasn't more likely to be drunk, bickering with his cousin Ilvawr or, er, a werewolf. In actual fact, the real leader would be Machyn mac Llew, called Iceblood, an aging sorcerer with a lousy temper and a mind like a steel trap.

    Machyn definitely has a real purpose in that bald head. The problem is, nobody's quite sure what it is.

    If you roll a Clan member, they can be of any "game" race but they must have an acceptable Cimmerian name and look like a Cimmerian. All characters are played as Cimmerians, regardless of "game" race. No demons except on special occasions, never any undead. The Clan is only tolerated by the other clans because it's a useful dumping ground for Cimmerians who turn out to be a bit magical or whatever.

    If you feel like joining up, that's cool. Be prepared to help out with events and stuff and don't expect us to be raiding three times a week because we don't, unless at some point we have enough manpower to consider it. No hard and fast rules here, except that you're a Cimmerian and you should act like one.

    Overall? Clan Conriocht are a wildcard. A little dash of chaos. And we hope to make your game awesome.

    Contact Caiyn (or Caiyin or Caiiyn) or Machyn in-game.

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    I like it!

    Good luck with the arpee!

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    What hours are you Guys active in?

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    Some US, some UK. Hopefully we'll eventually get some .ru coverage and then we'll be pretty much always around.

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    I'm up for this, and I'll see what I can drum up from The Fallen as well.
    I don't make points I make dents.

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    We don't need no stinkin badges.
    I don't make points I make dents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unutterable View Post
    We don't need no stinkin badges.
    Stop ruining my punchlines.

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    Posting here mostly to mark the thread to find in the future.

    I'm looking forward to RP with all the new people I don't know yet and the old Cimmeria RPers I have known for a long time.

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