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    Default New Player looking for guild

    Hello, I'm a U.S. east coast player and I recently started playing AoC off and on a couple months ago... so I'm totally new to the game.

    To be honest, I've been pretty jaded and unimpressed with most MMO's for some years now... but I'm hoping I can find at least... some of what I'm looking for on AoC... and so far, I've been enjoying the game and the unique combat system. The storyline and lore is interesting too and already has me thinking I should read some Conan books sometime.

    Now after finishing Tortage a couple times, I'm feeling a bit lost as to where I should go/what I should do next---I really want to try out some of the dungeons in AoC as I've heard they can be challenging. So, I'm hoping I can find a nice, active guild that wouldn't mind accepting a new player and giving some direction/answering some questions I have from time to time. As a new player, I doubt I'll be very useful to anyone anytime soon... but I always try to help out other players whenever I can on any MMO I play, whether I'm guilded with them or not.

    Some things I'm looking for/not looking for:

    -I have no interest in pvp (hence why I'm on a PvE server) and little interest in raiding. I may want to try raiding eventually but it's certainly not a priority for me. I understand AoC's end game kind of revolves around raiding, as most MMO's do... but that doesn't bother me really, I'll find something to do at end game or just level an alt.

    -I don't care about being the best of the best or getting the best gear or any of that. I simply play MMO's for the experience, the immersion, the teamwork... and just going on adventures with other people. I also take my time while progressing and never rush to max level.

    -I'm not looking for "chat room" guilds or raid lobby guilds. I need the guild I'm a part of to do more than just chat with each other and raid. Ideally, I would like to be able to find leveling or questing groups/partners and dungeon groups---or just bored players who want to hang out and explore places together and such. I don't like soloing that much and I certainly don't need a guild to solo.

    -I'm one of those players that doesn't like voice chat. I very much prefer to type my responses and this isn't going to change anytime soon if ever. I might be willing to listen to voice chat during a particularly difficult raid encounter or something like that (assuming I ever raid at all) but that's about it. So, needless to say, I doubt I'd fit in very well with voice chat-centric guilds.

    Anyway, I just wanted to post this and see what kind of responses I get. If you think I would fit in well with your guild, please leave a reply in the thread.

    Also, anyone looking for someone to group, quest or explore with sometime, please feel free to leave a reply in the thread. MMO's are always more fun when you have someone to play them with.

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    Hey mate

    Good post there ;-)
    I think what your looking for is a social guild, someone who will take you in as a part of the family without demanding you give up your first born to get a raidspot.
    Dawnsong is a guild like that, but we are international and most our members are on at times you might not be. So maybe your looking for a US guild ;-) but anyways feel free to send a tell online.


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    125 views and only one reply. Harsh. Well, thanks for the reply Thainster, I appreciate it. I posted a reply in your guild thread.

    If anyone else wants to recommend some guilds, I'm still looking currently.

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