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    Many years ago our guild built the City to all level 2 with a level 3 Keep. After the server merge, we decided to start in on the level 3 buildings. When we finished the first, the City Tab in the Guild Management Window shows both the Thieves' Guild II and Thieves' Guild III. Is that normal? Is it a bug? Will it to any harm?


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    Same with my guild city before the merge. All built buildings are shown there.

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    Mine has always shown everything. All T1's, T2's, and T3's. The merge jumbled the order up and now it's just all mixed up and in no order. Before the merge, at least they were in order. Keep 1,2,3, library1,2,3, etc etc.

    But yes, mine has always shown each and every building in that window. No harm.

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    I appreciate the replies. You never know until you ask.

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