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Thread: TOS weapons

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    Default TOS weapons

    which weapons for best dps and magic dmg?

    staff, polearm? or necro dagger + talisman or shield?

    count khitai and T3

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    Considering T3 (excluding crafted items) and Kithai weapons, best ToS DPS alternatives are:

    - 2 x Tome of Black Gale (T3 ToS Tali): 135.6 Magic Damage, 108 Crit Rating, 130 CrDmg Rat, 100 Hit Rating

    - The Necros of Dagon (T3 Necro staff): 136 Magic Damage, 102 Crit Rating, 133 CrDmg Rat, no Hit Rating

    - Arca of Jaggta-Noga (T3 Demo Tali) + The Infernus of Dagon (T3 Necro Dagger): 137 Magic Damage, 98 Crit Rating, 133 CrDmg Rat, 28 Hit Rating

    - 2x Mark of the Ancient Sands (Fort Ardashir Blue Tali): 140 Magic Damage, 94 Crit Rating, 112 CrDmg Rat, no Hit Rating

    - 2x Talisman of the Ziggurat (House of Crom - Threshold of Divinity Blue Tali): 144 Magic Damage, 96 Crit Rating, 116 CrDmg Rat, 68 Hit Rating

    Another good blue tali drops Coils of the Ubah Kan (68 Magic Dmage after recent nerf, good Crit stats).

    Obviously daggers and talismans can also be mixed.
    Alternatives with Hit Rating should be preferred, as well as other stats to check are Hate Decrease and Constitution imo (I omitted cause you asked only about DPS, but higher Hate Decrease for Tos should be higher DPS).
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    Arguably, the best combination at T3 / Khitai level is

    main hand: Infernus of Dagon (T3 - Keeper)
    off hand: Tome of Black Gale (T3 - Master Gyas)

    Infernus of Dagon gives you some hate decrease rating which is sorely needed on ToS.

    Mark of the Ancients Sands (tali from Ardashir Fort) also has hate decrease rating and good dps stats (magic damage, crit and crit damage), but Infernus of Dagon has better stats overall.

    Or you could combine Infernus of Dagon and Mark of the Ancients Sands for some more hate decrease.
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    nothing beats T4 dagger+T4 tali

    but kithai and T3 only i'd say necro t3 dagger and demo t3 tali (demo tali gives most HP while not nerfing dmg)

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    What do you thinnk of The Narthex of Hell?
    It's tier 2
    42 const
    611 mana
    20 natural mana regen
    125 magic damage
    90 critical rat
    90 fatality rat
    120 crit dam rat
    70 magic life tap rat

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    What about pvp tools? I think 1HE+shield is best coz of armor but may be im wrong?

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