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Thread: Hyborian Race: Ideas

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    Default Hyborian Race: Ideas

    "In the mean time, we are doing experiments with a PvP event and so far - despite my request for suggestions to improve the event - I've seen nothing but vitriol or ridiculous assumptions that this event means we are not doing other things."

    Personnaly i don't care enough about winning to complain about it being a grindfest. I know i won't grind like crazy and just have fun levelling in a hopefully lively environnement with lots of PvP along the way. Just a one or two week run hopefully out of minis playing exclusively with friends in open-world, more or less casually depending on the fun we have other there. I don't know about you but sounds fun enough to me.

    That being here's a few thoughts:

    I guess it would be nice to have diffrent categories to rate the "winners" to differentiate how they ran this race. For instance the amount of time played, those who leveled up to 80 with the least /played time. Aswell as the one reaching level 80 during the first/second week with the most PvP xp/kills. The one who reach level 80 with the most gold in his pockets. Guild that worked the best. etc.

    Anything that would allow players to run the race diffrently.

    I don't know how it is currently on the B&G servers but having XP giving more or less the same amount of PvE xp than mob kill give would be nice. Aswell as kill quests to catch up a glimpse with PvE xp from quests would be a great plus even if it has a relatively high CD.

    Pyres and body part looting would be cool to have in every zone.

    Disable mini-games. It's an open-world race, hiding in instances shouldn't be allowed for the length of the event.

    Disable fast travels. More risky, more enjoyable.

    Account wide rewards would be appreciated. Aswell as maybe a character reward so he doesn't arrive on B&G servers completely helpeless (might help retain more players on them).
    Something to reward the participants (here i'm thinking vanity cloak or stuff like that more than anything else).

    Would be cool to get rankings a la Secret World with the players killed, minis won, quest achieved, monster killed, etc.

    Please keep the trolling here and post your suggestions here!

    EDITED: Couple more suggestions.
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    I like the idea of categories, I think it's a must-have since not everyone play the same way. Since leveling in an open-pvp environnement is safer in group, I think categories/mechanism should also differentiate group players from guys who take the risk to leveling in solo. Like, giving them more XP for a kill ? So one should ponder if that worth the risk to go commando in a zone or if it's better to play it safer. Or simply don't touch the reward but put categories like "Best PVP group" or "Best leveling in solo" or something.

    Also, body part loot is awesome. And it gives something for the k/d fans as they can make teeth or hands trophies.

    Thanks for the thread.

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    - In between rewards (etappes) and rewards for participation as well as second and third place for each category (for example in pve: tortage, destiny quest steps...and in pvp: 1st to reach lvl1, first to win x minis, first to kill x of class y etc.)

    - a special resub offer including a free char slot

    - either remove pve instance access or make them full pvp

    - yes, to pyres and body parts, each level bracket should have some of these

    - yes to removing guards or fixing guard behaviour
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    Does anyone else find it odd that the PVP event is the first to reach lvl 80...which can only be obtained in PVE?

    Could be one of the worst PVP ideas to date...

    If this is about PVP, then remove all PVE dungeons, quests etc... and make everything that gives EXP only through PVP, and have that PVP exp help to level you up.

    I have always felt that PVP exp should exponentially apply to your PVE level progression.
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    They might think of reintroducing the old reward system of giving pve xp for pvp kills on this event as well. Removing it maked sense due to people wanting to stay in mini games brackets...which is futile, if you want the event to be a "race"...

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    Thanks for the suggestions. Could a mod sticky this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nusquam View Post
    Thanks for the suggestions. Could a mod sticky this?
    Yes it is possible
    Hamsters and rangers and everyone, REJOICE!

    Note: The views expressed in this post are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Funcom or its management.

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    give 400 aa points when reaching lev 80 to lower the gap between 80 lev chars or 100 aa points with every pvp level.

    bring old minigame queue instead of random minis - make this server special, that would be really good reason to play on this server. if that server supposed to be mainly open pvp orientated, why not try , maybe it will be successful experiment on niche server?

    give a lot of pve xp from open world pvp fights. I dont want to quest again really. It would be cool however if you could disable this option if you would like to stay at certain level for a while. Or just offline aa levels for pvp kills(i.e. chance of looting offline level pot from dead players
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    My suggestion is keep the server, don't delete it and try and implement this on this new server. Don't make it a race to L80, make it a race to pvp 10 or 50k kills or w/e

    Quote Originally Posted by Krixus View Post
    Imagine this..

    All Dungeons and Raids are switched off or locked or w/e

    Apart from pre 80 dungeons and the normal level 80 old world dungeons.

    Best gear you can get from PVE is T0 blues/Epic Kesh etc.


    When creating a character you have a choice of starting at the following level ranges.



    Switch of AAs
    If not possible, each level 80 gets a maxed out AA tree or enough points to max it out.


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    Thumbs up

    1. Have the race be to PVP 5, It's a hardcore pvp server why make the players quest until 80?

    2. First player of each class to hit PVP 5 get a unique class specific epic vanity set that can be worn all the time and in minigames

    *EDIT* I also think it is absolutely integral that the server be up for a set amount of time(In this case 2-3 months). I fully support the idea of this server based on the assumption that will go on longer than it takes some guy with no kids or job to quest 24/7 to 80 and ruin the fun for everyone. I cannot stress enough how bad of an idea it is to shutdown a new server at the very peak of it's life. Please give pvpers something to do for a least a little bit of time. That will give you guys time to work on more pvp content. The first month or two of deathwish was amazing, filled with pvp and rivals. Why shut it down when pvp is at its greatest point?

    Otherwise I think this is a very good idea, Cheers FC. Just learn from your mistakes and don't make the players PVE for the rewards on a PVP server and this could be a very fun thing to do
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