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Thread: Magic damage or Intel ? and feats

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    Default Magic damage or Intel ? and feats

    I've started playing recently, and looking for gear
    I had the impression I would need Int & Str
    but I'm finding it tough getting those stats high enough together, I can get Int high, but no Strength to go with it, as I browse through the AH, I do see Str and magic damage, I found this site (thanks to the links from other post) and also noticed, there really is nothing with Str and Int in the same items,
    Should I forget trying to build up str and Int, and just go Str and magic ? (seems to be the only option)
    or is there a way to go Str and Int

    Did I read the description wrong what the HoX's stats should be (meaning I didn't decipher it correctly)

    need some insight of the correct course, Still learning the game and a couple of the classes


    I have seen some feat builds . . I see where they're going, but it's what/where should I add points first

    eta: ehh I found my answer to the feat here
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    Apparently Int is quite messed up for HoX, a lot of hoxes I know go for Magic Damage.

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    thank you

    So it is as I have become to realize.
    seems one kinda has no choice but go Strength and Magic damage, due to what stats the drops and rewards give you , not much for options, seems the only Variance would be in the Feats (for a F2P) and I haven't seen to many that are different.

    thanks again, I was wanting to make sure how my stats needed to be, getting closer to level 30, So new gear is going to be needed soon
    would rather make sure I'm going in the right direction early on ,then be frustrated during the growth towards 80
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    If you have AAs on the second tier there is Will of the Sublime, I believe it's called, that increases you crit damage rating based on your intellect. So if you have the option Intel will be a better over all stat then Magic Dmg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bladestryke View Post
    If you have AAs on the second tier there is Will of the Sublime, I believe it's called, that increases you crit damage rating based on your intellect. So if you have the option Intel will be a better over all stat then Magic Dmg.
    I thought AA's was a premium thing, am I wrong about that ?

    while looking at that site I posted, I never saw any rares that had Strength and Intel, but seen Strength and Magic damage, which prompt me to ask if I should just go with Str and Magic instead of Strength and Intel.

    Can gear be crafted to have Str & Int ?

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    As hox, go for as much magical damage as possible.
    Forget strength.
    Forget also combat rating, it's a bit better than strength, but still vastly inferior to pure magic damage.
    Intelligence is good, but if you have the choice between intelligence and pure magic damage, go for pure magic damage.

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    So much misinformation in this thread. I will break it down for you.

    1 INT = 0.6 magic damage(INT also comes with mana and protection against all magic but unholy / holy)
    1 STR = 3 combat rating (strength also comes with stamina / armor)
    1 WISDOM = 0.6 spell damage for ToS / PoM (also comes with mana, mana regen and some protection aginst holy / unholy)
    1 DEX = 3 combat rating for daggers and ranged weapons(also comes with some evade rating and stamina)

    Sooooo for a HoX, 1 magic damage > 1 strength(strength is more helpfull for Avatar builds) > 1 Intellect

    If you are leveling up, focus on magic damage and strength. Grab intellect if you can't find strength / magic damage.
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    As many have said, magic damage (comes from intelligence, but all damage over time from Molten Steel Slash, Pillars of Flame, and Burn to Death (your strongest combo) ignores your intelligence statistics), critical damage rating, and critical rating are your primary statistics. After that, pick combat rating or strength. The best sets combine combat rating and magic damage (fire), additionally with critical rating (the most important), critical damage rating (less important) and hit rating (for the hardest encounters - makes you miss less if the enemy evades your hits too often).

    To maximize your effectiveness, pick magic damage accessories with or without critical rating or critical damage rating (cloak from Toirdealbach's Tomb and Amphitheater of Karutonia, rings from epic Acheronian Ruins and White Sands Isle, rings from the boss who has fanatics sacrificing themselves in Black Castle, etc). Then, while levelling, choose other pieces with intelligence (there is no or little magic damage armor while levelling, as far as I know) over strength gear. I remember a good chest from Sanctum of Burning souls.

    Get swords with strength or combat rating up to level 59. At 59, collect your first magic damage sword through a chain quest in Amphitheater of Karutonia. Then, at level 76-79, you will have other swords in Iron Tower or Xibaluku (I am not sure about Xibaluku, but I think I saw one dropping there).

    Alternatively, go for PVP at 19, and buy PVP magic damage rings (for PVE level 20) as soon as you get a PVP level.

    Start doing crafting early: at level 20, collect resources, at 40, craft armor and sell it. By level 78, you will have enough money to buy the Nemedian Cursecaller Set. Be sure to insert Omnific and Igneous magic damage gems into them. With the full Cursecaller Set, you may as well skip T1-T2 raids, and go for T3 and Khitai. With some parts missing, do T1-T2 raids until you find Rage of Xotli or Fury of Xotli (the sword).
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    I find in general is good to have a mix of 60/40 Fire Dmg/Intel,but thats my personal statement ^^

    For some low level wpns now :

    Very first HoX rare and decent wpns u can get before the AoK one,are: from, Treasury of the Ancients (epic mode required)a rly good 2he lvl39 with Magic Dmg > Luctus lvl41 2he from Tarantia Noble District chain quest > lvl44 (or 45/6) Toirdbaelach's Tomb rare 2he for hox.
    AoK also drops Harbinger of Acheron,stats almost same like Trial of Flame,but u need premium =)
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    thank you every one, the amount of Information you gave me, deserves more then a word of just "Thank You"
    but it's the only one I know

    I'll need to do some reading and discover where I can get the rewards to replace my current gear.
    Thank you again.

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