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    Hi I am looking for rest of Acheronian armor i have for RP night.I have full Ach keeper set and AMP reg Frostmaw and Blood Brute. I basicly need wrists for it. I know Amp unchain drops some but how do i get wrist in this picture. I f any knows and can point me into right direction that be awsome. Btw i am on Set server name is Amurtiger.

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    those wrists are a rare drop from xibaluku trash mobs

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    Was it the Blood Brute chest piece that also drops from Xib? Either way, Xib has some nice looking stuff's, especially Acher-syle.

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    I think those wrists drop in AoK normal mode (aka lvl63) -> Frostmaw Vambraces, dropped by the 2nd boss according to Cynara's blog.
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    i farmed amp reg i got blood brute chest and legs from amp reg, also i got feet helmet from amp heavy frostmaw. i never seen wrist drop but i am try

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    Wow took like 5 more runs but they droped from second boss thats awesome i am happy now I win Funcom

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    Bloodbrute chest/legs drop in the Amphitheatre (normal, not unchained). The Xibaluku items (which look exactly the same) are called Voidcage (chest) and Impenetrable Legguards. For more Acheronian-style armor sets, take a look at (and ).

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