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Thread: PvP Class Power Rankings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spaart View Post
    Ranger is very effective in team and premade.. what the heck kind of premade have you been playing... A good ranger can be a game changer just like a good pom.

    Pom is now a MUST have for premades...
    Forget denolyn rydah does better than him

    For us Dragon on his ranger is a beast.

    I guess we can put draza somewhere in there... somewhere..
    Do you even know denolyns toon? He pillages on the regular. Not to take anything from rydah, he's solid as well, but my bet is on deno.

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    Well i see many duels on fury ,and there is my opinion.

    1.Healers are on top so there are (poms,bs,tos) every single healer is very helpfull.
    2. Good demo,necro ,dont know why but people are sometimes scared to attack good players of these classe
    3. Conq, Dt - totally OP - forget about barb etc ,both of them do more kills ,im sure.
    4. Ranger cause of their traps ,good burst damage with range dmg.
    5. And HoX ,its my private opinion but interrupts are saving someones corpses sometimes ,and hox also can deal nice damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RingOfSet View Post
    PvP Class solo(dueling):

    Most Strong
    1.) Conq
    2.) DT
    3.) PoM
    4.) Ranger
    5.) Bear
    6.) Sin
    7.) Demo
    8.) ToS
    9.) Necro
    10.) Guard
    12.) HoX
    Most Weak

    PvP Class within a team

    Most strong
    1.) Conq
    2.) Guardian
    3.) DT
    4.) PoM
    5.) ToS
    6.) Bear
    7.) Necro
    8.) Ranger
    9.) Demo
    10.) Sin
    12.) HoX
    PvP Class solo(dueling):

    Most Strong
    only duels that really have any significance are those with same class and same gear; from there, some classes work well vs some, and not so well vs others. Also, in duels, specs make a big difference-- thinking of sin right now--u can have at least 8 different specs for duels in function of the class you fight, and the spec your opponent uses.

    PvP Class within a team

    tanks and heals with a caster or rogue; id say ranger because of decent survivability for their dps, casters and sins tend to be too squishy when groups stick and work together

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    It all depends on the player, gear carries you quite a ways but if you miss combos or your movement is bad, it can't carry you all the way. Even a keyboard turning ranger in full T4 will just be trading kills for deaths with crap movement.

    The only class with full gear than even the worst player can do well enough on would be Guard, Counterweight is impossible to miss.
    Doomsayer 2008

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    There is no gradation for the weaker - stronger scale for group action. Some classes have less armor, but deal much more damage and work better in a team. In other words, skill and personal preferences matter and not some preposterous tables with numbers from one to twelve in a meaningless topic.

    The problem is that people tend to pick the classes with a small learning curve, but that does not mean that Herald of Xotli or Barbarian is, by any means, a weak class; as both of those often deliver the top amount of kills in a minigame and even help with primary tasks (carrying flags).

    Quote Originally Posted by konungr View Post
    A lot of this depends on the player.
    Quote Originally Posted by Suctum
    It all depends on the player...
    I second that.
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    • remove AoE looting;
    • add the missing mobs back to Khesh., F. of the Dead, and Eigl. Mount.;
    • fix the 250+ms ping;
    • take the key away from Saddur;
    • revert T3, T3.5 (10.21.15), T4 (10.21.15), and GGG changes;
    • remove energy and add skills (like taunt) back.

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    healer class ranking

    1. pom
    2. bs
    3. tos

    tank class ranking

    1. conq
    2. dt
    3. guard

    rouge class ranking

    1. ranger
    2. sin
    3. barb

    caster class ranking

    1. demo
    2. necro
    3. hox

    duell class ranking

    1. conq
    2. demo
    3. dt
    4. ranger
    5. bs
    6. sin
    7. pom
    8. guard
    9. tos
    10. barb
    11. necro
    12. hox

    group pvp class ranking

    1. dt
    2. conq
    3. necro
    4. ranger
    5. sin
    6. guard
    7. pom
    8. bs
    9. demo
    10. barb
    11. hox
    12. tos

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    HoX NO 1.
    Burn em up !

    All else weak ..bump them up with more bubbles and bring it on...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheeky View Post
    Do you even know denolyns toon? He pillages on the regular. Not to take anything from rydah, he's solid as well, but my bet is on deno.
    My bets on rydah.

    I agree with Suctum's post in is thread.
    Daedylus - Ranger, PVP 10 (Fury)
    Ehlicya - Sin, PVP 5 (Fury)
    Prysm - Ranger, PVP 5 (Rage)
    Tantylus - HOX, PVP 6 (Crom)
    Oculys - POM, PVP 3 (Fury)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheeky View Post
    Do you even know denolyns toon? He pillages on the regular. Not to take anything from rydah, he's solid as well, but my bet is on deno.
    Actually no, I didn't play or see denolyn as much, sure he was probably good but only a few rangers truly stand out and I really didn't count the pvp 10s.

    Dragon on his pvp 7, rydah on his pvp 7 few fury rangers I find very solid.

    The only pvp 10 rangers worth mentioning are probably like

    George, few from carnage and US. And maybe stay. I need to see denolyn play more vs. players that were from 2 years ago that's much better than player today.

    And back to topic

    Sure even though Class/Gear/AA plays a huge factor the player's skill still can be a factor determining the outcome.

    Meaning gear/aa/class plays 75% the factor, 25% belong to skill ( experience/movement/situation awareness/reflex etc)

    The only thing not affected by gear/aa/class in any pvp situation is a player's experience. That can never be overwritten with gear/class/aa. Because skills such as reflex/movement can all over written with gear/class/AA. Meaning movement/reflex are not needed and can be simply replaced with Gear/class/AA. Of course the good players would utilize every advantage he has.

    But still the factors of Class/Gear/AAs plays a huge part in pvp, too much to a point where it unbalances pvp and drags the majority of good players down.
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    I think go pom, bs & 4xsoldiers right?

    If u can only have two tanks then maybe best universal DT, Conq, Pom, BS, Necro, Ranger


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