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Thread: Causa Mortis

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    Post Causa Mortis

    Assassin x2
    Bear Shaman x2
    Dark Templar x1
    Demonologist x2
    Guardian x2
    Necromancer x2
    Ranger x2
    Tempest of Set x2

    Experience in PvP
    Knowledge of basic English Language
    RotGS* Expansion Pack
    Sense of Humor

    Relf : Heat : Cryps
    Orthos : Wytch : Lehava
    Plagius : Kramers : Hadez
    Saki : Darkli

    *Not crucial if you can Live without it.
    **Mostly evenings Central EU time due to diff time zones.
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    Post Guild Rename

    UPDATE 1:

    New guild name:
    "Causa Mortis"


    We also looking for Conquerrors x2.
    PvP Experience/AA's Required.
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    Talking The Power & the Glory

    UPDATE 2:

    Guilds Judgement:

    We coming out of Nowhere.
    We hit Rank 5 in total.
    We strike Rank 3 in Glory.

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    Thats impressive,especially on Rage..

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    We are amazed also.Rage population increased with really fast ratio.
    Last day,evening-to-night, was about 35+ lvls 1 to 70 leveling/slacking around,JS on the go two times in a row,and a guild was on T2. Thats a rly good sign for Rage health imo =)
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