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Thread: ATAXIA - Wants You!

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    Post Ataxia - Wants You!

    Ataxia - PVE/Endgame-Guild on Crom (EU) is recruiting!

    About us:

    Ataxia is a english-speaking Guild with Members spread over various Countries.
    So despite of english used as the main chat language, it's pretty save to say, that you can consider us a International Guild.

    Guild History:

    Ataxia was formed by Paytonn in late February 2013.
    We are a rather young and small Guild, yet dedicated enough to progress towards End-Game Content fast, as we grow rapidly.

    What we can offer:

    We have an almost full T3 Guild City located in Lacheish Plains. (Renown lvl 20)
    We use our own TeamSpeak Server, run a Guild-Bot and a Guild-Website with a Raidplanner, hosted by EQDKP.

    Check out for more details.

    Raid Progress:

    On 29.03.2013 General Sheng got "crucified" by Ataxia's Raid-Force
    On 30.03.2013 The Basilik got packed and posted straight to Hell
    On 30.03.2013 The Garden Imp got buried in his own Backyard
    On 11.05.2013 Ataxia's Raiders sent Zodiac to the Stars
    On 08.06.2013 The Emperor Yah Chieng got his throat slit
    On 08.06.2013 The Memory Cloud has been put to rest
    On 14.07.2013 The Entity has heard his final lullaby


    We are currently looking for:

    Passionate Raiders, as well as Casual/Social Players

    Who are we looking for:

    Ataxia is looking for mature and dedicated Players, with Passion and Love for the Game, as well as the will to progress further towards tackling all kind of End-Game Challenges.
    We have no age limit, but do however expect some manners and dignity, as well as good attitude.

    What you can expect:

    We offer you a friendly and social envoirement with the opportunity to participate in many activities.
    Our main focus lies on Endgame-Raiding, we are however also active in all kind of 6-Man Hardmodes and got various Members interested in doing PVP.

    Feel free to have a chat with us in game. If we sound like the Bunch for you, please don't hesitate to contact our GL or any of the Officers listed below for more info.

    Guildleader: Paytonn
    Recruiters: Miley, Brucester, Argadem, Gawaaine, Hamanx

    Apply on our Website for a Membership and join us today!

    We hope to see you around Hyboria with us soon.
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    Alo...Up we go.
    Emirri - Dark Templar
    Naerri - Herald of Xotli, Arrienne, Argene, Barbeena, Conqubinne, Shaniz, Shinzei, Laylani and Dorela

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    I think its time to get this topic a bit up
    Elleanorr - Stygian Demonologist
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    8/6 2013 Emperor and Mamory cloud down. Good job everyone
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    Elleanorr - Stygian Demonologist
    "That which does not kill us makes us stronger"
    {Circle of Eternity}

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    Thanks for your interest, however Ataxia has been disbanded, so our doors are closed!
    Do what you LOVE for a Lifetime and you'll never have to work for another day - Miley Ray Cyrus

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    Ataxia may be closed, but for those who will continu to play together from those who are/were in Ataxia changes will come and we will get a new guild leader as soon as he has a chance to come online.

    Pls stay in touch in game with Brucester, Hamanx, Martellus, Argadem or me in game. (I will probobly be on Eddinina).
    Fun will come back to us and we will make a new guild wich will be fun to be in.

    If some moderator wants to remove this post please contact me here or ingame first.

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    Did Payton Rage quit?
    Pvp in AOC is Awesome!

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    Paytonn has destroyd the entire guild and has dispanded it, but a new leader will come and a new era will begin.

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    1. You mean disbanded the guild, deleted the guild city, deleted the dkp and forum websites, then closed your TS? That level of destruction?


    2. Or just kicked a bunch of people?

    What one?
    Pvp in AOC is Awesome!

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    Partly 1.
    Guild is now renamed to R.I.P. We still don't know about guild city as the servers are still Down, but the rest has happend.

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