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    Default Looking for a guild

    Level 80 Tempest of Set. Fresh 80 (though have some AA's gained while leveling).

    Have all content & subbed.

    Vast MMO experience, looking for an English speaking guild that is medium to large in size of active players online.

    Simply put, I am just looking for a guild that has a good active player base of people that actually log on for longer than 2 seconds a day and is sociable (preferably on vent/ts/mumble/etc).

    If you think you have a guild that would be a good fit, please shoot me a PM or leave me a msg below with your contact info and a time (with timezone) that would be best to catch you online to discuss it further.


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    Hi, Jester!

    You should check out - I only joined a few months ago, and we are always looking for good, friendly people. We are progressing steadily through the raid content (Still need to kill Thoth-Amon in T3, and have just started working on T4).

    There's a large active contingent of players online in the evenings, and there's always a bunch of helpful (nice!) people on.

    If I am on, shoot me a tell and I can direct you to an officer for any further communication.

    Skua and Ryouu

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