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Thread: Mana feats for pom

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    any advice for spellweaving poms?i hardly can spellweave more than 4-5 seconds,always i run out of manna..i ve tried everything holy ascension,generalls etc..meybe i miss something..pom never has mana issues when dpsing or healing, but spellweaving is a nightmare..i enjoy my necro goin up for spellweaving..relaxed and joyfoul..
    Errrh even when using the 15% mana tap spellweaving buff ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ieronon View Post
    Errrh even when using the 15% mana tap spellweaving buff ?
    That would be too easy

    You can't just enter SW, get max damage and exit SW because you will get manadrain or some other crap. You have to take advantage of the 15% manatap - it basically allows you to have permanent 100% mana.

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    Playing around with some builds.
    Anyone suggest which is better...

    3 points in Ether Flow and 2 in Ether Discharge


    5 points in Ether Discharge
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    I'd go 5 into Discharge.
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    Would say discharge, though flow+discharge probably works almost the same really...
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