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Thread: Be a better player with the help of parsers (PvE)

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    Default Be a better player with the help of parsers (PvE)

    Parse details in GuildStats/ConanStats can reveal a good deal (though not everything) about how well we play. The overview in itself isn't that useful, but if you're running a parse, the detailed breakdown of what combo/casts were used is helpful especially in a raid when you can compare yourself to another player of the same class.

    Two factors to look for:
    • Combo/cast priority (take note of the top 3 or 4 most damaging ones).
    • Examine count of each one of combo/casts.

    Combo/cast rotations are usually easy enough to figure out - either on your own or from various forum posts. What is often neglected are the number of combo/casts - look carefully at the counts. Players who typically top the DPS parse generally do more combo/casts than everyone else. Similarly if you're a tank and have trouble getting aggro, look at your rotation, but also compare counts to other tanks.

    These statistics can give you an idea of why a particular player does well, and why you're not doing as well. So what does this translate to in practice?
    • Re-examine your combo rotation/priority. It does not have to be identical to another player that did better - in fact there are often several variations that do very well, sometimes depending on the build.
    • Number of combo/casts you're doing. Do they seem low compared to other players? You can also compare across similar classes (e.g. DT BfA is comparable to Guard Overreach). You shouldn't be pausing not doing anything. Your next combo can be activated during the finisher of current one. Of course there are periods like at the start of a fight, after an aggro reset, or when you're trading aggro with other tanks where you might have to deliberately slow down.

    Practice against a straw dummy to begin with. Buff/debuff timers are good starting points to see how many combo/casts you can do within 15-30 seconds. Example practice rotation:
    On my Guard after activating Guard Destroyer (buff lasts 15s) I can do: Overreach 5, Titanic Smash, Overreach 5, Overreach 6 (buff ends just after I activate finisher).

    Anyone else have other practice rotations? The idea is to have some sort of useful rotation and a timer, and describe what and how many you can do in that time. Once you have one or two practice rotations you can do in your sleep, it becomes a lot easier and more obvious when you should trigger your various buffs.

    How to Start Logging, Parsing and other Tips

    Note that you will need to run your own parse to see all these details. If you haven't already, install GuildStats/ConanStats from
    • Start logging from ingame by typing "/logcombat 1" in chat (exclude quotes) - to turn it off type "/logcombat 0" Logging will need to be stopped and restarted when you relog.
    • Tab out from game to desktop. Start GuildStats.
    • Add/select your character name.
    • Add file - pick the most recent log file from your AoC directory. It should start with the name "CombatLog".
    • Click on Parse

    When you select a particular player in the stats tab (see it gives a breakdown of the combos they do. Selecting a combo will then give a breakdown of related statistics (e.g. count, crits, etc).

    Another tip from one of my guild mates is to create a file called "auto_login" in your scripts folder, no file extension (.txt or whatever) that will be executed whenever you login. Add content to the script. For example...
    /logcombat 0
    delay 100
    /logcombat 1
    If you find that GuildStats/ConanStats isn't enough detail for you, have a look at ACT parser ( coupled with the AoC plugin. It has some nice graphical and tabular views of the parse. With some configuration you can also do selective parsing to isolate damage done only to a boss and exclude adds.
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    a little pretentious but none the less good info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgtMassDozer View Post
    a little pretentious but none the less good info.
    yes, heaven forbid someone tries to help explain how to get better by using statistics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Petridish View Post
    yes, heaven forbid someone tries to help explain how to get better by using statistics.
    I'm just explaining most players who don't know how to use a parse prolly don't even know what forums are...

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    I used to stay away from PVE for long time so now getting into it this thread helps me a ton. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgtMassDozer View Post
    I'm just explaining most players who don't know how to use a parse prolly don't even know what forums are...
    I don't see how that makes that thread or the OP any pretentious, so whatever.

    Nice thread, it would be good to have it on the new players sub forum as well.

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    I started doing this 2 months ago, my barb dps went from 800 to 1100-1200. Some of it was gear but most of it was watching the parse.

    AAs also do make a difference, so if your character is a fresh 80 your rotation will change several times probably as you gain AAs, experiment with different ranks of combos, and in general anything that takes 3 combo steps before the finish is just plain bad.

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    Thumbs up You,re absolutely right to post this

    Yes I while back i heard about this guildstats got curious downloaded it watch it figure out my mistakes and now even my heavys do massive dps.
    But do keep in mind it is good to run you're self since ain't now way can someone running this parser from EU or any can give accurate DPS for you're Character on opposite part of the World.So I got my own I was 100% right ran my own. Their dps was lowest in my list all the time.all that blame was merely Unjustified. So I highly recommended if anyone can get you're own Guildstats & that will help you improve faster. Keep on Rocking Gamers.

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    You can also use Advanced Combat Tracker or Burnstats to read the combat log from Age of Conan.

    Advanced Combat Tracker being the most detailed one, and Burnstats the easiest one with manual detection of friend/boss/trash/ignored targets. You can report statistics in game with all three parsers, and Burnstats also provide a html parse where stats for all players are showed.

    You can also use Guildstats to upload the parse to

    An example is this public parse:

    Click the players or bosses to see more details.

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    Parses are tools that can help identify strengths/weaknesses and with that can help you improve.
    They are not the thing that make you a good player and they don't show everything.
    All parses are to be taken with a grain of salt.
    Especially people who are new to them need to remember that. Just because some one has a higher dps number than you doesn't mean they are better. (i.e. melee vs. ranged, single target vs. aoe, etc.)

    That being said, I use ACT because it can help me manage my aggro during boss fights (and I am a bit of a parse whore hehehe)
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