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Thread: question about the actionbuttons

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    Default question about the actionbuttons

    When you have combo's, you have a second row of actionbuttons, with the lower left and lower right attack.
    You can use them with A, Z or E.

    When you use only spells, you don't have that extra row.
    How can I make that extra row?

    And how can I link a letter from my keyboard to an ability or spell which I can't put on the main actionbutton-bar?

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    Download a third party UI, You will be able to make new bars and map whatever key to them is where you can download them
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    What's a third party UI ?
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    Casters do not get that 2nd row of action buttons since they don't do combos. I know, the standard game UI, User Interface(your action buttons), is kinda lame and not very user friendly.
    A LOT of people in game download a custom UI, a 3rd party program. I personally don't for a few reasons. I am very limited on my PC tech know-hows, I would have to update that custom UI any time a game update comes out, I'm lazy, plus I think Funcom should fix their limited UI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinlock View Post
    I am very limited on my PC tech know-hows,

    So I download an UI builder

    And they say you have to delete 'extrabar' in a file...I can't find it.
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    I've added those extra buttons to my caster toons, it does work great.

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    So when the game is updated, I copy that file into 'customize' and I delete "extrabar"? (I just found it)
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    I made a new customizedfolder with the bottombar file and I deleted "extrabar"

    Now I have no actionbars at all

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    nvm, it works.
    I need to leave the ""

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