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Thread: POM K6/T4 Build help

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    Default POM K6/T4 Build help

    I need help with a POM K6/Raid build.

    I used offline level a long time ago to make this dude and just time trained some good AA. Now I am ready to play and am clueless. Classic reason why offline level should not exist but here we are.
    It would be nice to do some dps as well instead of heal-botin if there is a good build for that.

    Is there one Build to rule them all ?

    What AA are best in each tier ?

    Rotations ect..

    Need a pro POM to advise. Thanks in advance

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    Not an expert, but it doesn't take one either.

    Here is an "universal" PoM build:

    Basically how it goes is cast heals and nuke offensive spells. Offensive spells that inflict holy damage build Divine Halo which will heal your member in group with lowest hitpoints. Divine Halo has +10% crit chance, and the heal effect also relates to your crit chance, so having hands, chest, legs, helm, rings and weapons with critical rating is very important. Put heal rating items on wrist, shoulder, boots and belt.

    - Holy Storm triggers from your Wave of Life and makes Condemnation twice as fast. Use this.
    - If you cast Cleansing Fire, Eye of Mitra, you gain Sacred Smite - gives you an instant cast Smite.

    Regarding AA. You should always have equipped Decisive Strikes, Pressing Strikes, Prelate at Arms, Steadfast Faith / Empowered Mending, Shimmering Invocation / Wandering Diciple.
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    I have a couple tweaks on Shax's build that will make it more viable (this is what I currently run, and it is awesome). This build is capable of solo-healing 6mans and will have you near (or at) the top of the dps parse even in a very good group if played properly.

    The two main differences are skipping divine lance and adding points into improved purification of mitra. If you are not running light of mitra or other mana-regen feats, divine lance will simply suck your mana too quickly to make it viable. By adding two points into improved purification of mitra, your two dots (purification of mitra and cleansing fire) have the identical cooldown, making it super easy to keep both up.

    The spell rotation is roughly as follows:

    For single target fights: rebuke, cleansing fire, wave of life, MSE+insta smite, and then spam smite and rebuke until holy storm is up for the fast-cast condemnation. Once cleansing fire and wave of life come off cooldown, immediately recast them to keep both dots ticking and to keep your improved damage stacks high (from spiritual feedback and holy vengeance), and basically restart the rotation. But do not cast MSE if cleansing fire is not ticking on the target, as it will not trigger the insta smite, which is what makes MSE worth it. Work in repulse when it is off cooldown. If the tank is having problems surviving or holding aggro, throw blessing of mitra on them (also gives you 25% increased magic damage, so it is a very nice damage burst). Work in green heals if the tank is going down fast, and throw your big heal when needed. Use holy cleansing sparingly (usually last 15% of the boss) unless your tank is very good, because you will have a good chance of pulling it.

    In multi-target fights: Always target the add farthest away from you, and line them up in a column if possible for additional splash damage. The spell rotation is identical, except you want to spam lance, smite, and rebuke while waiting for holy storm to proc and for your dots to come off cooldown. Lance gives splash and column damage, so it is one of our best aoe spells.

    No matter what the fight is, spellweave as much as possible. This is a very mana-intensive build, but there is a 15% mana tap buff in spellweaving that really helps maintain mana. The additional damage is obviously nice as well. Poms also have an incredible ability called mitra's thunder that gives smite and rebuke a knockback effect--great for cc'ing adds.

    Obviously, go for scarlet circle gear until you get T4 (but get the yellow priest hands). Pick up steadfast and shimmering and keep decisive and pressing slotted. Empowered mending is excellent too.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks guys I will get to experimenting with these.

    So you are saying get the SS caster gear ? reasoning for the crit ?
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    Get the scarlet circle light armor gear for pom/tos. It has great crit, great magic damage, and passable heal rating. Get some dps talis and have a heal rating set on weapon swap for shimmering and you're set
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redrun View Post
    Thanks guys I will get to experimenting with these.

    So you are saying get the SS caster gear ? reasoning for the crit ?
    Not caster gear. Light armor. As all classes in AoC you are a dps class, only that healers have a 2nd ability to heal. Dps should be a priority. I see too many PoM that think "healbot" time and only spam Wave of Life and end at bottom of dps meter. At Zodiac yesterday we had a PoM that did 4,33 times more damage than the other PoM. Of course that extra dps come in handy in a fight like that which is on a timer!

    Something in the likes of the builds we posted should suit you nicely. Keywords are both end feats of Divinity, with Holy Accession and Condemnation feated. Sacred Smite and Sacred Fire from Vengeance. You can use that as a starting point and place filler points where you find them most useful for what you are doing. Splash on Smite is nice when soloing, but not so much when raiding T3/4, for example. So is Empowered Repulse. Nice when soloing, not really needed in raids. As with other classes, there are not enough points to get what you want so some sacrifices has to be made.

    I logged my PoM to see what build he actually had and it was kind of a crossbreed between the two builds in this thread now.
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    Good stuff guys, Last question.

    I have loads of spells and its a bit overwhelming, what will I really never use so I can clean it off my bars.

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    For PVE, you can probably lose eye of judgment, repudiate, armor of faith, and litany of protection. They all have their occasional use in PVE, but in general I almost never use them.

    You can also maybe drop soul of mitra because you will not often use it, but it can be a group saver if a tank goes down and you have aggro. Between that and hand of mitra, you have a really long period of invulnerability

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    As a counterweight for the divinity builds, I'll offer the vengeance build that I use in T3/T4.

    It's a pure raid DPS build, as it has no support feats. The build as a limited spell rotation, high burst damage and includes no random procs. Even if it's a DPS build, you will also cast heals, as the heals also is used for DPS, buffs and debuffs.

    This build may be a little extreme with the no support feats, but as long as the raid is doing good, you should not need to gimp your and the raid DPS.

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