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Thread: Is anyone using a razer naga with the DT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RawssGoredon View Post
    Why anyone would buy razer is beyond me, but whatever.
    You are beyond bad.
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    G600 with stances, sprint+strafes, covenants bound to the side buttons, sprint bound to far right button on top.

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    roll in SWTOR with nostromo et Logi G600

    I requisitioned a Belkin Nost due to the fact that Razer seems to be all flash and charge you money for **** that dies 5 months later.

    Granted I played heavy and didnt keep it well, BUT these habits I developed with my logitechs that have probably 30 years of use when all combined; NOT ONE HATH FAILED; cept that g15 I got on ebay but it was already 3 years old, lasted me 3 years AND was only 25 bucks HEHE GREEBLE GROBBLE!!!

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