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Thread: Elder Scrolls Online Beta

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    Default Elder Scrolls Online Beta

    /cough NDA /cough Has anyone else "NOT" go into ESO beta?

    Having more hype that SWTOR, it dangerous to like first impressions of any beta. Too bad I am a fool for punishment. But a lover of non tab target aim based combat systems.
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    I have tried it. It is OK. Just seems to lack something.

    Even though AoC is dead and abandoned on the side of the road, I still like the mechanics better...

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    Maybe being used to moving due to playing AoC, but I found grinding mobs very easy in ESO. Just circle strafe, keep your crosshair centered on mob, and they burn down pretty easy all the while I took very LITTLE damage. I always seemed ot be hittig on the side or back, and they never corrected to get attacks off on me.

    Kiting was also very easy with a bow. Just walk backwards, and circle strafe an object (Like a tree or a rock)to keep the mob confused. You can time it so you hit them, but they keep getting blocked by the obstacle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xfactorx View Post
    beta key just arrived!!!!!!

    Still waiting mine

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    Article from Zam with a video of fairly recent ESO gameplay footage if you missed it.

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    got tired of swtor in beta, guessing this wont give much more

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    Doesn't look as bad as it did at 1st.

    But no more beta games for me

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    If it is true that dungeons are not instanced and if it is true that dungeons in the pvp area are better rewards than this game will be bad as s.
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