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Thread: What other MMOs do you play?

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    Default What other MMOs do you play?

    To clarify, if/when you take breaks from AoC or even switching back and forth. As stressful as my time has been playing this game - what with the bugs, the let downs, the bad management - I cannot seem to find any game that comes close to being as good as this. This game has suffered much but there is no denying that it's one of the best MMOs there has ever been. The combat is revolutionary, the graphics are amazing (and still at the top as far as MMOs), it isn't high fantasy (no orcs, elves, dwarves, frilly graphics, over-use of fantasy) and all of these contribute so much to this game.

    When I take my necessary breaks from Conan, I would like to find a game with all of these factors to move to. Too many new MMOs I find are cutesy, WoW-like cartoon graphics that I don't find at all attractive after experiencing AoC, not to mention the weird races they come up with that kind of kill the immersion for me. I've found AoC to have a perfect balance between fantasy and realistic-historical fiction.

    I see MMOs attempting to follow in Conan's revolutionary-combat footsteps, but the creator has done it best, it appears. At least it's a step in the right direction. Just waiting for one that can add something worth sticking with.

    So my question stands: what have you found in terms of MMOs that have been worthy after having experienced AoC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Nightshadow- View Post
    Too many new MMOs I find are cutesy, WoW-like cartoon graphics that I don't find at all attractive after experiencing AoC, not to mention the weird races they come up with that kind of kill the immersion for me.
    This is so true for me too. Tried both SWToR and GW2 and uninstalled them very quickly due to various reasons and ended up back in AoC (even if I never really left).

    I was wondering if you checked The Secret World out. You dont have to mingle with gnomes and orchs, gameplay is interesting and graphics are nice. But guess you already tried it out?

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    TSW is the only MMO i would recommend when taking a break from AoC.

    That game is, for any lovecraft fan, a dream come true.

    For me it's almost perfect. The only thing i don't like in it is the combat animations, which are so disappointing after AoC.

    I play TSW once a month at best, as casual as possible, and yet i'm amazed by the high quality of the world, acting, voices, quests, instances.
    I just do some quests here and there, but it's always a pleasure to follow the plots and listen to the characters.
    It is so well made.

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    I've been thinking about trying it. I'm afraid I'll get back to that love/hate relationship since it's a Funcom game =)

    I'm more of a "fantasy" guy, though I get sick of too much fantasy. I've been meaning to try Planetside 2 as well.

    TSW is a viable option for me and I'll have to try it.

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    I will have to echo TSW with the caveat that if you go into it expecting it be like other mmos and to follow the same formulas you're going to be disappointed and only end up causing frustration for yourself.

    I usually prefer to let people figure things out for themselves but one tip for TSW that has huge returns on investment right from the very start is... Regardless of what two weapons you pick to start with get Lick your wounds from the Fist tree almost immediately. It's a 1 point passive skill that gives you a constant heal over time whenever you're in combat. Huge for a brand new character though it's less useful later.

    I play EQ for the raids. Have a guild that depends on me and have been established there for some time. I can't really recommend anyone start EQ from scratch unless you have some friends already playing. EQ really does start at max level and it's a pita to get there without some backup.

    Toying with Rift some since it went free to play. Don't really see that lasting long though I can't say it's a bad game. Just not for me. Likewise for GW2.

    They're saying all the right things about EQNext. Guess we'll see.

    OE Live October 2012 Q and A with John Smedley,


    You mentioned last night that EQ Next will look like nothing we've ever seen. Will EQ Next still have the familiar feel to it that EQ fans are used to? How do you strike the balance between innovation and still staying true to the franchise?

    His answer:

    I also said in there that it will still be very familiar to you, but what I meant by that statement is that we're changing what an MMO is. MMO means something now, and it means the same thing to everybody because it's the same game. EverQuest, WoW, SWTOR all use the same core loot gameplay, which is kill stuff, get reward, get loot, level up. Very few games have broken out of that mold. One or two have.EVE Online is a great example; it's not standard level-based gameplay, although I'm not saying we're going to a big skill-based system.You're still going to recognize the roleplaying game heritage in it. InEverQuest Next, the world itself is a part of the game. What is the world in these other games? It's a simple backdrop. It's nothing. We are changing that greatly. We're changing what AI is in these games to a degree that we're going to bring life to the world. That to us is the essence of the change that we're making


    At GDC last week, you also talked about how quickly traditional MMO content is consumed and how that plays into your decision to adopt a philosophy toward emergent gameplay. The question comes up about how that affects the future of raid content -- something that takes a lot of time to design and is usually played by only a portion of the community. What are your thoughts on that?


    This is a very interesting question. I think it's at the core of why what we're doing is sustainable. I'll go right to the heart of the matter. You get to the point where we make an expansion, and when I say we, I mean the entire MMO community. You make your expansion, the real hardcore players consume it in a month, and they're doing the raids over and over and over until the next round of live content that we put in. Typically, three or four times a year, we as MMO companies put new endgame in there to keep the raiders happy.
    We absolutely need to build that style of content into every game we make because players want that. We're not talking about the end of raids, the end of this incredibly high-level content. We're talking about changing the nature of the world around it so that there's a lot more to do "in between" expansions. A good example, but a very narrow example, is battlegrounds in WoW or EQII, where players get bored doing it over and over again. But imagine the entire world as part of the interaction. Imagine seasons changing. Imagine if you're a Druid and you need to literally seek out reagents for your spells or worship your deity in a glade somewhere off in the wilderness, but you don't know where. Or imagine forests growing back after they're burned to the ground by invading forces. What we want is a dynamic world that gives all those other possibilities and doesn't just say OK, go to raid X with group composition of X, Y, Z, and kill the dragon for the 52nd time to get the tier 800 gear. It's this rinse-and-repeat gameplay that's got to change, and so we're changing it.

    Edit: Added a couple of TSW videos. First one is a test run I did using some new capture and editing programs. Me fighting the Machine Tyrant in one of the dungeons. The whole fight was around 15, 20 minutes long so this is edited down to just a minute or so. It also includes the end cutscene which is spoiler'ish. If you want to experience these things in game as they were intended you may want to not watch it.

    Someone I know made this one. It's set to music by Nightwish and shows off quite a bit of the game. Also spoiler'ish if you'd prefer to wait and see it for yourself.
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    TSW is well worth playing over the summer if AoC feels a bit slow.

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    I spend my time mostly on Neverwinter these days with a bit of TSW thrown in for good measure.

    TSW is what I wished AoC was, polish wise - a Dreamworld engine that runs nicely, a fully-voiced quest system, single-server technology, an achievement system, a LFG/grouping system, endless build/spec options ... the list goes on!
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    I tried some WoW again as of late, but all I did was waste a bunch of subscription money. The game has a lot going for it and I understand why it's popular, but PVP in it is two guys running around each other and a bunch of big numbers just clog the screen.

    You could show a total noob a AOC pvp video and he could appreciate the movemement, landing combos etc. From spectator's point of view WOW is just a mess.

    That and...well I can't go back to Pandas fighting Trolls after some of the stuff I have seen in AOC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petridish View Post
    TSW is what I wished AoC was, polish wise - a Dreamworld engine that runs nicely, a fully-voiced quest system, single-server technology, an achievement system, a LFG/grouping system, endless build/spec options ... the list goes on!
    Add quests that require thinking, challenging mobs and intriguing plot/setting. If only AoC was done like that... I wouldn't need TSW

    I keep coming back to TSW, though I don't have much time to devote for a second MMO.

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    After playing TERA there was no coming back to other MMOs. Similar feeling when you play AoC and try WoW or any other generic. Combat feels just bad and slow after AoC. But after TERA now AoC combat feels noob friendly and slow.

    TSW would be best MMO imo if there would be special combat system and updated character models, Funcom always use those same poor models from game to game. They really look outdated compared to other game graphics


    Special images just for you why you should try TERA

    *note that school uniforms are not in USA version yet
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