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Thread: Fun with Fake Feats

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    Default Fun with Fake Feats

    I am nervous about tweaking the class too much, so most of these aren't supposed to be that powerful; ignore the exact numbers. Just playing with the awesome class concept and mechanics.

    Mobility fun
    • "Beseech the Reaper": Passive. Dropping below 20% health gives the Herald a buff for 10 seconds. While this buff is active, Hellstep may be cast even if on cooldown.
    • "I Smell Your Fear": Passive. Caster can Hellstep to any target below 30% health, regardless of Hellstep cooldown. 5-sec cooldown.
    • "Flee the Reaper": Passive. The Herald's speed grows in desperation at Death's approach. Energy (sprint bar) regeneration rate increases as health decreases.
    • "Through Hell": Passive. Hellstep no longer has a minimum range, does not check for character collision along the route, and has its maximum range increased by 5 meters.

    Weak to CC and liking it
    • "Bind Me": Passive. For every CC immunity that exists on the Herald, the Herald’s natural regenerations are increased by 100. The effect is doubled if in demon form.
    • "Unstoppable Will of Xotli": Passive. Xolti is infuriated by repeated attempts to bind his Herald's physical body. Any time the Herald is struck by a fear, stun, or knockback ability while the immunity for that CC is already active, the cooldown for Desecrating Essence is finished.

    Demons and forms
    • "Consort of Xotli": 2 second cast, 120 second duration, 5 minute cooldown. Grants the Herald a new form, that of a diminutive incubus or succubus whose appearance tricks foes into lowering their guard. While in Consort form, caster's health, endurance, and damage are reduced by 10%, current threat level is reduced by 20%, and crit rate is increased 40%. Caster is immune to charm, and fear and snare/root resistance are greatly increased.
    • "His Own Blade": 1 second cast, toggle. The Herald barters with his master for the right to bear Xotli's own weapon. The Herald’s sword bursts into flames and gains an unnatural weight. Lowers base endurance by 4/8/12/16/20%, gives 300/600/900/1200/1500 Combat Rating (Fire).
    • "Legion": Passive, 15 second duration, 5 minute cooldown. After successfully casting Desecrating Essence, there is a chance that one to three demons with the same form as the caster will appear to fight at his side. While these demons cannot match the Herald’s damage, they can distract foes.
    • "Reaver": Passive. Driven mad by Xotli’s demands, the Herald forces his tortured body onward by binding it with metal. The Herald’s skin visibly changes, showing metal and wounds, and he leaves bloody footprints. The Herald can now equip heavy armor. 5% of combat rating is now added to magic damage. Natural health regeneration is reduced 20%. Caster gains 10% health tap. Caster is permanently snared 5%. While in demon form, health tap is doubled and snare effect is replaced by 5% movement increase.

    Preying on the weak ... even our own
    • "A Deal with the Devil": 1 second cast, 20 second duration, 120 second cooldown: The crafty Herald seduces a desperate victim with a tempting offer. Casting this spell on an ally or foe below 50% health boosts the target's damage by 10% for 20 seconds. If the target dies while this spell is active, the caster's damage is buffed by 20% for 40 seconds. If the buff expires without the target dying, the caster receives a DoT.
    • "Dread Consumated": Passive. The visions that victims of Dread Visage experience are come to fruition as death descends upon them. Their inhuman screams send terror through their allies. Any target that dies while under the effects of the Dread Visage fear will renew the duration of the Dread Visage fear on any target within 20 meters.
    • "A Feast of Hearts": Passive. Improves the I Eat Your Heart combo such that if it deals the killing blow to a non-minion target (even if it wouldn't have been a fatality), there is a 33/66/100% chance that the IEYH fatality will be performed. Furthermore, if the target is a minion, there is a 33/66/100% chance that the IEYH combo cooldown will be reduced to 15 seconds.

    yay Death!
    • "Hell is Breached": 1 second cast, duration 10 seconds, cooldown 3 minutes, requires caster to be below 30% health. The dying Herald is overwhelmed by the image of Hell's gates opening for him, and he accepts the inevitable. Fire and brimstone pour into the Herald, and he visibly bursts into flames. If he is killed while this spell is active, the Herald explodes, knocking back and dealing 4000 points of fire damage over 5 seconds to all foes within 10 meters.
    • "Lingering Taint of Xotli": Passive. Improves Undying Glory of Xotli to put the Herald into stealth after resurrection. The stealth cannot be broken for 1/2/3/4/6 seconds. Also reduces the cooldown of UGoX by 10/20/30/40/50%.
    • "Stench of Death": Passive. If any friend or foe dies within 40 meters of the caster, the caster's natural regenerations are increased by 100 for 40 seconds. Stacks up to three times.
    • "Borrowed Time": Instant-cast, 3 minute cooldown. The Herald knows Death's voice well and thrusts it from him as long as he can. The caster's base health is increased by 100% for one minute, then decreased by 20% for 20 seconds.
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    Seriously, I loved the reaver/hellsteps/"yay death" ideas, hahaha. I just think reaver should change the DE skin with more armors and then change the stats of the cloth armor to heavy armor, not requiring you to equip a new set. I can't see hox with Paladin-like equipment, you know?

    I'd like to see a mechanic that buffs hox combos by using HfB before the animation end.
    For example: Fire Lance, when used with HfB, deals a large amount of fire magic damage and knockback the target.
    Pillars: Splash damage now deals 100% of the main damage and can crit.

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    Make BTD dot critt. Fire lance to a one step combo. Critt rating buff seems nice as suggested

    Love the reaver.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Evito View Post
    It crits with PoT, if it crit by standard that perk would be dead. Increase the duration on PoT so you can get 2 DOTs out of it and it would be an awesome perk.
    or just reduce to 45 sec instead of 1 min, that way will be 30 sec cd on POT

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    Burn to Death DOT does crit even without Prince of Terror:

    from a few minutes ago, running RSOX and failing a zodiac
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    To be honest i dont want to see hox changed to drastically. Some more means to survive, removing snare and cold dmg from PC...
    Some of your ideas seems nice but the one with btd criting would make POT aa obsolete, and also all those changes with charge would make FTB aa obsolete.
    I love hox atm and hope it will be revamped but slightly not beyond recognition.

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    These are all awesome lol, HoX is already the coolest class in the game add some of these in and there would be a HoX everywhere you look
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    Really cool ideas. Some hopelessly Op though.

    If you gave anyone acces to Consort of Xotli that would be the new default morph or rather it would be unplayable because 40 - 60 % crit rate would not bode well to your aggro generation . (I´m pulling a lot as is with 16-18 % as is^^)

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    Yes, I intended that to be the dilemma, at least for PVE aggro-sensitive situations. Consort is an "aggro dump," but at the same time, it could just as easily backfire, in which case you'd be back with our "real" aggro dump: getting dead, quick high-five with Xotli, rez up and back to business.

    Here's what else to consider though: What if the aggro dump is a red herring, and it's actually more of a frenzy stance for non-hate-sensitive situations and PVP?
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