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Thread: New* Sons of Thunder initiative

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    Default New* Sons of Thunder initiative

    Sons of Thunder is a newly formed guild by myself. Recruitment is selective(mainly for players I know ingame and have grouped with). Right now and there is no guild city ATM, and I am not sure when there will be one at this point in time.

    The primary function is not the guild at this time, it is the cooperative raids that will be held. Its purpose is to play host for the 3.5 and Tier 4 content. Players can join Sons of Thunder raids and raid together, and are not required to leave the guilds they're committed to. This is so our raids will not conflict with others. We are aiming to fill some afternoon raids for the daytime players, and hoping raid times will be flexible for players. The goal is to see more players beat 3.5 and T4 content through another pathway.

    The actual guild is there as a future nestegg for players who may have raided with us and like what they see. As is is still a work in progress and the Ventrilo server can only accommodate 25 people at this time. At the least it is another option for players.

    Currently the roster has about 10 people for both the 3.5 and Tier 4. To be considered please speak with me(Isachar) ingame, and you will need to have T3 experience and some of the Khitai gear. I will be giving regular updates for those who have signed on to keep you informed of the progress we make.

    TY for your interest, Isachar
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    You may want to look into the Coalition Raiders of Set website and see how they are doing their raids. From your post, the set up seems similar.

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