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Thread: A question about builds

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    Default A question about builds

    I have seen a bunch of builds, and they are usually split fairly evenly between havoc/conflagration.

    My question is for pure pve, can you go just havoc, or just conflagration throwing in a bit of general as well?

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    Everything is possible, but overall, a full havoc build won't be as strong dps wise than a full conflag one, or an hybrid one.

    On another hand, a full conflag build is a mana sink and lacks nice tools like the self green heal, mana regen, range increase, ccs.

    That's why people feat hybrid, because it's by far the most efficient (and fun) way to play demo.

    You can also go for general, but it's mainly for pvp and specific pve situations.

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    cool thanks, in other mmo's I have always preferred to specialize but doing so meant more powerful, apparently that doesn't apply to the feats for demo...the later feats aren't as powerful as the earlier ones.

    I just read that in one of the other posts...but you confirmed it for me

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