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Thread: questions for mcdonalds&coca cola land

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    Default questions for mcdonalds&coca cola land

    hello americans.
    i have a few questions if any of you guys willing to answear.

    what times you usualy do t1/t2 pugs from global.

    what times you usualy do t3 pugs.

    are there any t4 semi pug organizations there?

    is there a lively minigame community, in the sense is there many who actively do minigames, tell me about it plz how is pvp in minis there?

    is there people actively farming bori or just going there for fights?


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    For raids, most t1/t2/t3 pugs will start at around 8 est.

    The quality of these pugs will vary considerably depending on which guilds are running them.

    As for T4 pugs, there are none on this server, T4 is done in house by just 6 guilds.

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    PUG raids run most of the day on weekends but usually only in the evening during the week. The earlier raids on weekends are usually t1/w1 types with T3 waiting until prime time. I'm not on at oceanic (Australia & NZ) time so there may or may not be another surge of activity then.

    Minigames run pretty regularly on Set at prime time, although I think it's largely the same people every day. I don't particularly like pvp so I can't comment on the quality.

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