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Thread: REH novella are freed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcaneScientius View Post
    Nice find!

    I originally found a lot, but not all, the works on an AoC wiki.

    As an example, I found Slithering Shadow on

    There is also a printed centenary version containing all and fragments out, even though REH hasn't been dead that long.
    Huh, has this been taken down? It's empty.

    Edit: ahh here we go:

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    Default Gods of the North?

    Strange thing about "Gods of the North", the Gutenberg version of "The Frost Giant's Daughter", in it Conan is referred to as 'Amra of Akbitana' throughout.

    I have the 3 volume Del Rey Version of the Chronicles (The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian et al), which I thought were the closest to the original text, and in that he is definitely Conan the Cimmerian.

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    Rejected as a Conan story by Weird Tales magazine editor Farnsworth Wright, Howard changed the main character's name to "Amra of Akbitana" and retitled the piece as The Gods of the North.


    REH canibalized his own stories very often Phoneix on the sword is nothing but "By This Axe I rule" a story about Kull.

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    The three volumes put out by ballentine books, and also recently for the kindle, are the least garnished, and purest form you can find. The books include phenomenal art, as well as unfinished/rough drafts, synopses, the original, hand drawn maps from REH, and lots of stuff.

    As far as chronological order, Howard never put forth one. He always said he wrote as though conan was just relating tales of his adventures, and didnt feel the need to put them in order.

    The books are printed in the order the stories appeared in weird tales.

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