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    Default Wolves of the North - RP guild

    The first word of sentience was Justice.
    A word to feed indignation.
    A word empowering the will to change the world and all its cruel circumstances, a word to bring righteousness to brutal infamy.
    Justice, bursting to life in the soil of indifferent nature.
    Justice, to bind families, to build cities, to invent and to defend, to fashion laws and prohibitions, to hammer the unruly mettle of gods into religion.

    But Justice has been corrupted, betrayed and lost its meaning in this day and age.
    Gods and mortals, have in host of deeds stained that which was once pure.

    Winter is coming and we are the vanguard. We will look into the eyes of mortals and gods alike.

    And they will cringe!

    The Wolves is a military order based in Cimmeria.
    Akin to medieval knighthoods the Wolves uphold law and justice of the land, securing the borders of Cimmeria as well as pursuing and trialing criminals.

    Any race and class has a place in our ranks as long as they adhere to the Wolves' Code.

    Much is yet sketchy and to be decided, but much can be derived from the Knights oath.

    A knight is sworn to Valor,
    My Heart knows only Virtue
    My words speak only Truth
    My weapon defends the Helpless
    My Might upholds the Weak
    My Wrath undoes the Wicked
    My Love knows only Honor
    My Will knows only Justice
    Valor, Virtue, Truth, Honor, Justice!

    A few things come with the territory.
    • Clothing. All Wolves are expected to actually wear clothes and not run around half or full naked in public areas such as cities and taverns. Common sense should be the guide here. If you are taking a bath, clothes will defeat the purpose; armour presents a drowning hazard. A run in the wild, naked, is not going to offend anyone. Public promiscous behaviour akin to that of a bordello, however, is heavily frowned upon.
    • Your IC-actions have IC-consequences. If a knight commits a crime ICly his/her actions will be judged. If found guilty the punishment varies from fines, penances to hanging, all depending on the offence.
    • Participation. To be a Wolf means you help and support.
    The community is what you make of it. Groups won't happen on their own, if you're looking for a group, don't be shy, please ask. As always, loyalty means more than gear. You have a responsibility now to help this community grow. Without you, there would be no events!

    A Wolf's heart is defined by means of help and support. It doesn't mean that it's to be demanded ... but volunteered. Communication is important to be a part of our community. Your kindness and patience helps the "pack" grow. Members are expected to work together for the betterment of all. That is the key to being a Wolf of the North.

    A few OOC facts about us
    We are RPers all. We do the usual PvE, HoC, 6-mans GS, but RP is our focus.
    We are newly started. As such our city is T1 (all Buildings done, though) and our reknown are at a measly 1.. And we do not care

    Interested in joining? Ask for us in global or contact us via our webby Wolves of the North

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    *spits a whiskey bottle cork at svad*
    I don't make points I make dents.

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    Hah! The ancient token of a Cork Eyeball of good luck! Thanks U

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