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    Bloodline is Recruiting

    SET server Full T3 city renown 19

    We are actively seeking to increase our raid force in order to accommodate all levels of raiders from all time zones. We currently run T1/T2/T3 as well as many K6.

    We are currently seeking raid leaders to run T2 raids possibly more as well and those with K6 experience and those returning vets that need guidance getting reacquainted to the new game features and new players alike.

    We are just working our way through T3 and seek dedicated raiders to join our elite force and push through to the end. Why join a guild that farming it and be another cog when you can enjoy the spoils and respect for doing for the first time with friends in the heat of battle.

    Bloodline has been around since the start and we are still standing strong. It is our belief that quality trumps quantity and as you can see on the rankings we are consistently near the top rankings with less than half the members of the larger guilds.

    We currently offer all raiding, K6 teams, PVP nights, and even have an RP section of the guild for those who have interest. It is our goal to offer everything Conan has to offer and look forward to the merge and the ability to provide it 24/7.

    We run a relaxed environment with quality guild leaders and officers dedicated to helping out and maximizing the overall experience.

    It is our goal to raid, siege, pvp, and reach the top without becoming to big for our own good but big enough to do it all.

    We are mostly older players with men and women averaging over age 30 so expect an Adult environment with no drama.

    Raiders, K6’rs, and pvp’rs will be subject to a Ventrilo interview and are required to have a mic.

    We have a website with raid calendar and no dkp.

    Send me a pm for contact info or ask for a Bloodline Raid Officer in-game.

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    I should also mention that you are not expected to do everything. If six-mans are your thing you do not have to raid or pvp. Is up to you how you play and you won't be pressured to do one or the other.

    Its our goal to have everything available to those who want it.

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    Do not be afraid to apply if you are a new player or returning after more than a year away. We are spending time training people for raids and sixmans and work hard to bring folks up to speed.

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    Perspective from a new member:

    Bloodline has been a great experience right from the start - everyone is very friendly and laid back. They are also very knowledgeable and willing to help noobs like me =) There are no expectations other than enjoy yourself, and follow through on whatever obligations you've made - so, don't sign up for all the raids and never show up lol.

    If you've been thinking about mid to end game content, and want to help CREATE the experience, give Bloodline a go. You'll be glad, and we'll be glad too.
    Skua - Bear Shaman (Bloodline)
    Misscreantt - Guardian (TRIBUNAL)

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