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Thread: Trying to find the right class for me

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    Default Trying to find the right class for me

    I am hoping for some help in narrowing down the class choice for myself. The problem I am having, aside from being completely new to the game, is that some classes which I thought were melee, actually have ranged magic it seems.

    So I am looking for:
    - ranged
    - prefer magic
    - soloable

    I am trying to find the best match of the above, from these choices:
    - Bear Shaman
    - Dark Templar
    - Demonologist
    - Herald of Xotli
    - Necromancer
    - Priest of Mitra
    - Tempest of Set

    I don't care about being the strongest or the fastest. I just want to be able to do things solo, have decent survivability, have mostly ranged attacks, have fun while doing it all.

    Of the choices above are there any that do not really meet my requirements? Some that are definitely for me to try out? Have I missed anything important that I am just not aware of?

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    Do you want a caster or a melee character?

    Bear is not ranged

    DT is not ranged, more of a tank character

    Demo is ranged but a bit squishy: easy to level up

    HOX is melee and only has one ranged spell unless you use a xbow

    Necromancer is ranged, one of the highest dps classes and uses dots or pets for most damage: I like demo better but both are easy to level up but more squishy

    POM is a healer, more durable than tos, not going to kill as fast for multiple mobs as tos (less aoes) but also is going to survive better

    TOS is a easily leveling character, has heals, kills multiple mobs quickly if you don't die before you kill them, both pom and tos are less squishy than demo/hox/necro

    So if you want easiest leveling, its necro/demo then tos then pom
    in the ranged characters

    Also depends if you just plan on pve vs pvp. Poms/tos are generally more in demand for raids and sixmans right now in my experience

    And every class is soloable. I soloed my way to lvl 80 on every class out there, you just need groups for the better gear from sixmans and raids.

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    Wow thanks....that was incredibly helpful.

    I will only PVE.

    So it looks like the choices are down to:
    - Necromancer
    - Demonologist
    - Priest of Mitra
    - Tempest of Set

    Necromancer seems to be ice and pets.
    Demonologist seems to be fire
    Priest seems to be holy.
    Tempest seems to be lightning.

    That makes it much easier, I can give them all a try, although probably not Necro as I am not fond of pet classes.

    Thanks very much, this has helped me out tremendously.

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    As you stated, you are looking for ranged, magic, and soloable.

    Demo class by far most easily fits your criteria. BTW, Demo has both fire and electric spells.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khazadhum View Post
    - Tempest of Xotli
    Tempest of Set (TOS), by the way.

    Herald of Xotli (HOX) is a very different beast.
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    PoM and ToS gets fun around 40-50 -->

    Under that they are kinda boring

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    Casters are boring and demo is the worst. You should be melee, melee is the whole point of playing this instead of some other game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cins View Post
    Casters are boring and demo is the worst. You should be melee, melee is the whole point of playing this instead of some other game.
    Its a matter of opinion. If the only fun thing to do in the game, all players would play melee chars...

    I love playing the necro. There are so many ways to play the necro and you cant play it wrong. It does Unholy and cold dmg, and it has both caster pets and melee pets. The downside of the char is that the aa tree, feat tree and some spells are broken. Read more about it on the TL forum...

    Whatever you choose you wont be disappointed. All classes have their charm, and you shouldnt have any problems leveling them to 80.
    "Du kan ikke knekke en mann uten ryggrad!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by cins View Post
    Casters are boring and demo is the worst. You should be melee, melee is the whole point of playing this instead of some other game.
    Demo is not the worst. If there is a "worst" class, it definitely is the Necromancer. Completely dependant of Death God and spellweaving. And wish you best of luck not to get bored from doing Pestilential Blast, Flesh to Worms, Ice strike x5, Chill, and repeat.

    Demo is by far the easiest solo class. You have a ton of crowd control abilities, and you also get instant aoe knockback at level 40 (you get Detonation at level 30 but not Combustion before level 40).

    Tos is squishier than Demo and Necro. Tos does not have mage shield, and though you can heal, you only get 50% of the heals on yourself unless you wanna spend a load of unnecessary points in general on improving it or until you get the archetype AA that improves selfheals. It does get a bubble at lvl 70 though but nobody feats that if they want to have dps spec.

    My recomendation for you is:

    Ranged class: Demonologist
    Melee class: Dark Templar or Bear Shaman.

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    ToS, Demo or Necro.

    ToS has healing, decent single target CC, good AE and single target damage, and a self rez (if you spec Thunder - which most people do).

    Demo has great AE and single target damage, good CC.

    Necro has good AE and single target damage, which depending on who you talk to can exceed a Demos.

    All three have ranged damage and ways to avoid damage and/or recover health. These are the only classes I play and I bounce between them depending on my mood. And I am not high level - so take some things with a grain of salt.


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