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Thread: Hybrid deep DW/double brute CC?

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    Default Hybrid deep DW/double brute CC?

    So damn enjoying my barb, and I have read conqs are the barb but tougher, so, why not trying a conq?

    My question sorry if its a bit confusing at the title is, I have read about having 2 CCs abilities in the BRUTE tree, however, after reading the full tree and google about 2 CC feat in brute tree for conq, I have only read Burst of Aggression being a knock back, so there is one, and the other kind of CC I have read is Throat Slash, but thats an interupt as far as the skill description goes.

    Then, what are the 2 feat CC in the brute tree for conq?

    Thanks in advance! And sorry for my english

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    There's also crushing onslaught, which is a 60% snare and 25% dmgs reduction for your target.

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    Oh so that was it, I was thinking about knock backs or stuns , thanks you very much for clarifying it!

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