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    I know I've already said something, but this really is bloody amazing work. I tell all the noobs to watch these videos before joining any 6-man's
    Usedtissue Necro 10//Emptycan ToS 7//Puggles HoX 6//Ammagaden Guard 5//Trollololo Conq 5//Bottlecap DT 2

    PM me to sign the Minigame buddy sign-up petition: (

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    New Conan Content Coming This Week!
    Have been of Conan abit but more is coming!

    Starting to Broad my Games on my Channel so if you Wanna see other Games aswell feel free to check out my other Content.

    Also Applied for a Gaming YouTube Network Now

    See you then

    Hua Hua!
    Server Merges are Coming!

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    My First Dragon Age Episode in the New Playlist

    Feel free to check it out below and support with a like and a comment if you like it

    New Conan Coming Later This Week

    Crom EU

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    Your voice is funny. Makes it worth to watch them hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by JinDjw View Post
    Your voice is funny. Makes it worth to watch them hehe
    Hah thanks i dont know how to take that but

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    Good News i just got into a YouTube Network
    This gonna be a fun Journey for me and those who choose to follow me along.

    New Episode to the Conan Series
    This Friday. If todays Server Merge ends up good until that time period.

    Been alot of fun doin videos sofar and i started out with random games on two other older channels but i think i was not ready at all back then.

    Why i started with YouTube
    My Focus became Conan for good reasons.
    One huge reason is that i always felt this game deserved alot more attention than it have ever got since release and i felt like hopefully i can help with it in someway and also help those people who find it hard to get started with Dungeons & Raids or Tutorials like the How to Install a Custom UI.

    I for sure will Continue with Conan content and people like Henryx and Other Age of Conan Tubers inspires me back to make even more and all Feedback i got both here and in comments on YouTube.

    The Future & Socialize
    Hope to see you in many future videos coming to my Channel with Conan and feel free to ask or talk with me anytime both on YouTube, Here , Twitter, Facebook or Ingame.
    Becaus of names might change after merge i cant give out my Ingame as this is written tho.
    Other places added to start of this Forum Thread

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    New Extra Conan Episode
    Servers coming down now for 2 hours so i thought i should give you something with Conan while waiting for it to go live.
    Episode Will Start Uploading Very Short

    Hua hua!
    Cheers Banto

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    Age of Conan Adventure Ep 14

    Great to see more people live after the Merges
    /Salute from Banto to all US People

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    Age of Conan Adventure Episode
    Villa Verde

    Older Content
    I wanted to revisit some old content of Conan.
    Share this with both players in Age of Conan & Show this older
    content for everyone who have not yet given Age of Conan a chance.
    I will follow up this in the Conan Adventure and go through some of this.
    older contents in the future to show more of the World of Hyboria than just the latest God Slayer Expansion.

    Hope you Enjoy
    Hua Hua!

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    Age of Conan Adventure : Villa Camillus

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