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    Default YouTube BANTO - Age of Conan Series

    Videos with Age of Conan and other games aswell
    Main focus on my Channel is strongly focused on Conan.
    Been here since PvP Beta back and forth but always dragged back to this amazing beautiful game.

    One goal with my Conan content is to get more players to know that Conan is still around and what type of game it is.
    Show alot of people who think Conan is the same as release that it have changed.

    I also want to give players who never tried out some Dungeons a chance to get to know the Dungeon beforehand since many and mostly all groups require that AA/EXP .
    So in someway i hope i can help those players get more comfortable about trying out those Dungeons and have the basic infomation when goin there for the first time.


    Age of Conan Dungeons

    Age of Conan Adventure

    Age of Conan Tortage

    Age of Conan Tutorials

    Age of Conan Trailers

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    Banto | Guardian
    Oujou | Dark Templar
    Jereziah | Bearshaman
    Caeldrix | Conqueror
    Teldim | Barbarian

    User Interface - IKOS
    Prolly one of the best if not the best AoC UI out there currently
    How to install

    Currently none premium so new episodes atm will focus around the FREE content of the game

    Feel Free to Check My Channel & Give Feedback

    HUA HUA!
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    Age of Conan Adventure Episode 10

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    This is awesome, good work and well done. Subbed

    P.S some great dungeon walkthroughs that new players should watch so they don't waste peoples time in real ones
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    Nice content m8!! :-) - Age of Conan feat planner
    Tutu - Dark Templar | Tuts - Bear Shaman | Nedbee - Demonologist

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone.
    Boosts me alot!


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    Good work Banto, that's a very nice channel you're making here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaedelyia View Post
    Good work Banto, that's a very nice channel you're making here
    Thanks makes me happy
    Tho was mistake latest episode.
    Vortex instead of Flame but fixed thumbnail & title atleast & annotations to inform.

    This what happens when you work on two new episode at the same time so yeah there is a Vortex of Storm on its way to

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