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Thread: About the Level 80 AA points...

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    Thumbs down About the Level 80 AA points...

    Funcom has decided. This is a response to a service ticket I submitted. I think we're getting screwed.

    Thank you for contacting Funcom Customer Support. The new premium membership benefit allowing gaining AA on leveling up is intended for newly leveling characters. This membership benefit is not retroactively applied for previously gained levels.

    Level 80 characters already have access to time-based AA training, as well as Mastery and Prowess XP.

    We appreciate your interest in Age of Conan. Have a nice day, and good luck!


    GM Nirvelle
    Customer Service Representative

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    inb4 lock

    This is the only official response you'll get - what did you expect? They've made a change and didn't think about all those people who dinged 80 a week ago - hopefully they'll fix their mistake (Joel wrote that he will check if they can apply the points retroactively, depending on sub length).

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    Let's be glad for any changes that has the potential of bringing more players to this game instead of whining like a bitch just because someone got a free hot dog. The characters i play mostly has an almost full AA tree anyway, i wouldn't know where to put the extra 79 points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoxa View Post
    The characters i play mostly has an almost full AA tree anyway,
    See, this is what we keep hearing from people who either don't understand, don't care, or are simply trying to be antagonistic....the situation does not affect them, so they don't care, and everyone should "stop whining" about it.

    How does this help anything?

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    You misunderstand me completely.
    I too have chars that recently reached 80 that i would like to have an extra 80 AA points on, but i understand that everything has to begin somewhere and me being out of luck with a few chars does not make me come here and have a cry about it.****-up-3.png

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    I think the whole QQ around those missed out 80 AA points lies in the common belief that you can't do anything without AA.

    To make a long story short, there are only a couple of HMs for which you need some AA feats, that's it.
    99% of the entire game requires nothing from you in terms of AAs.

    AA is just that, an alternate advancement, something that fills up on the long term, but is not an end in itself.

    In the end, just make yourself a favor, stop making a big fuzz of that AA tree.

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    And i think they choose the amount of points for a reason, because they are a good start to get exactly these few AAs (earlier a new DT posted what could be gotten which was a few side feats and VoM).

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    Since we have an official announcement here, I'll be closing this one down.
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