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Thread: BS pvp build

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    Esp when you charge cancel, which means you can go right into a snare or kb right away after a charge as to your enemy wouldn't kite away while you're stuck in charge animation.

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    I never really use my IH build, just kinda through it together as I was raging in a mini. The reason I don't have sun in my muti build is I do plenty of damage already and use my mani's mostly as defensive tools.

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    Hey Hey guys,

    I just want to share my pvp build with you:

    What do you think about this build? It's almost the same, just didn't feated Ursine Spirit but Ether Theft- there are many DT's running around in mini games, and I guess this combined with Winter's bite must be really annoying for them... not only for them, actually for any mana-dependent class:
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    I was running smth like this iirc w/o loging into game, bit more dps focused version of ur muti specc:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hikkimori View Post
    I was running smth like this iirc w/o loging into game, bit more dps focused version of ur muti specc:
    You really pvp without stone skin and without stone hide? O_O

    @ bendo your spec is a regular muti spec but I would advise against ether theft, I find that it's not all that great with its CD. Feel free to check it out by yourself though
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    Yeah you are right, 30s is really a long cd and besides it's not a good dmg- combo (didn't tested this though..., might crit hard as well^^), and actually thinking about this the only class I want to have it for is against DT's, so only for one purpose^^ Other classes like demos, necs, toses... I don't wanna let them be out of mana, just kill them as quick as possible. So yeah, giving up ursine spirit just to be better against one class, hmm... rather not :P
    Bendowill (Ranger) / Liangxiao (BS)
    Gjalskia (DT) / Beacor (BS, Saga)

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    Fully feated winter's bite should be enough to piss off most DT's. Sack off ether theft. It's just meh.

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    I'm curious about what build most BSs are using at the moment for PvP minigames, between Iron Hide and Mutilation.

    I consider both of them viable.
    Actually in some situations one is better than the other, but recently I have been running only Muti all the time.

    So, what are using?

    This is my Muti template:
    Retired nab.. once it was Korando (PvP 10 BS), Andromaeda (PvP 10 Sin), Calore (PvP 10 Demo) and minions...

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    Greetings to all members of the BS Club.

    I was gone a long time and I have a question. Is this build useful?

    - pvp T2+T3 items (tiger's belt, T2 pve 2HB)

    or better is ?

    - both for PvP

    - for standart PvE (no T4 spec. builds) ?

    - server Crom (Fury = muti in pvp
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