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Thread: BS pvp build

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarcopthes View Post
    what do you think about weight of the world? some ppl say that it is big improvement to dps, but im not really sure about it.
    Noone can say 5% cdr is a "big" improvement to dps, especially now as we already have extra CDR from untamed strikes. But! Here's the thing... Crits turn the tides of fights! So feating into even bigger crits will improve the possibility of the crits you land to have a bigger impact than they should have.

    I would not even factor critigation much into this equation.
    Critigation is a rarity among non-tank classes, only 20% when maxxed Elusive, perk not slotted. Heck, many tanks don't even use Elusive, so a high critigation-chance is not something you go up against often. Mainly it's 20% and 40%, in rare cases 80%.

    Anyways about WotW again I can tell an example:

    1v1 bear vs. bear: first one to get a big crit will in most cases kill opponent or force our ironhide and sit on a massive advantage.

    It's the same against all non-tank classes. Burst kills. You crit = opponent in trouble. Opponent easier to deal with. Big crits are more likely to happen with WotW. That's my view is on this.

    I'd like to say though, that it's possible to play without crit dependency. Try to stack combatrating on as many itemslots you can afford, then use Field of War and Precise Strikes AAs. In this case I'd probably let WotW be. Stable damageoutput can be very effective too, but honestly crits or a combination of the two is favorable.

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    Oh and personally I leave Regrowth out.
    There's already enough ways for us to tank up on magic damage, Resillience and Grounding. Then there's Ironhide and Stonehide too.

    Much better off ensure you land Forest and Spirit pulses.

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    For PvP you should really go into dps spec like mutilation and make sure you get rampage and WoTW the bigger crits the better. I've found that since the combo nerf feeting into iron hide and rampage to be really not worth it in pug mins and sometimes even in pre-mades it also not worth it. So now I mostly run mutilation
    Keella - LvL 80 BS - PvP 10.50 (Main)
    Lexxiia - LvL 80 Ranger - PvP 7.68 (2nd Main)
    Sskylla - LvL 80 Sin - PvP 4.55 (1st Alt)
    Lexxaa - LvL 80 Conq - PvP 4.20 (2nd Alt)
    Esteell - LvL 80 HoX - PvP 2.05 (3rd Alt)

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    Thx for answers.

    I skipped wotw on my IH build , mostly because with t1 weapon and even full pvp t2 gear I still have 13,x% crit rating only. If I would have higher crit rating I would definately feat wotw.
    About muti - I must say sometimes it is deadly but across the board I am often killing as much or only a bit less on IH build while when I am the only healer in team I think I have more impact, I am more valuable for my team when Im IH. I think I should learn how to play both well , however from my little shammie experience you really should swap builds depending on team setup, eventually if you have to carry flag or push and heal a lot - IH is much better.
    I also need to reconsider mani of regrowth, I had some feelings before similiar to what Lurvi said, not sure if I really need it on IH, though I like it on muti
    right now im off from game for 1 month but I need to do some testing about ursine spirit, debuffing group of ppl -10%dmg looks pretty nice
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    Main build i use 90% of the time (mutilation)

    When I'm having a frustrating mini or being focused a lot (IH)

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    Quote Originally Posted by healo View Post
    Main build i use 90% of the time (mutilation)

    When I'm having a frustrating mini or being focused a lot (IH)
    You really pvp without charge on ih build?

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    I do, albeit not very often. When I'm using this build getting close to the enemy and killing is not a primary concern, that one is more life support.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sbyvoj View Post
    Charge = CC imunity (ursine bound)..
    as does stun

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    Yes so why have one and not two? The charge with Ursine bond goes through ranger traps and demo instant kbs which is just amazing. And the stun is nice too cos you can use it preventively sometimes.

    And you don't have manif of the sun in your muti build
    Expert Shield of the Risen opener.

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