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Thread: BS pvp build

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    Default BS pvp build

    Can you give me suggestion to pvp build for BS?
    I have something like that:

    Any ideas what i can change ?
    I had a 5-6 month breake and i saw changes in bs tree

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    Hello mate,
    i have a few changes

    1v1 and mini - bubble spec
    - balanc of natur after energy system revamp is crap
    - empowered renewal 5/5
    - ursine spirit => best pvp debuff + nice mana regen
    - winter's bite => best vs PoM's, DT, demo... 2/3 for nice mana drain + snare 20%

    1v1 and mini - mutilation spec
    or (with Stone skin)
    - both builds are efectives vs barb's,soldier's, ranger's, hox's

    AA => Pres. strikes, Dec. strikes, SF, CC break, FG, ursine bound
    - never use sleuth bears or tree.... pvp equip = 0 heal rating!

    Combos => IB2, CA 2 (occasionally),3,4,FG, HM, SB5 (nice for fatality end with empowered renewal and sins back, UB

    Double jump forward = free stun + with AA feats bonus dmg (when proc stun => your first hit have better dmg,)

    Equip => full pvp, but dont use pvp belt, he have terrible stats. More better is tiger's belt. Gun => pvp lvl 5<T2<T3<T3 craft<T4. PvP neck and cloak. BB ring + pvp ring.

    Sorry for the extensive post and my terrible English

    P.S.- 1v1 (melle) is nice mix tiger's(T4) + pvp armor

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    Thnx mate for answer.
    So if i understood correctly: i must use mixed gear? I mean parts from Pvp set and kithay for better HP regeneration?
    - And whats with Critigatin Amount from PVP gear ?
    - Whats mean BB Rings ? (Band of Bloodthirst ring) ?
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    brittle blade - death's ward ring

    - for minis are better full PvP set (pvp T2+, no belt)
    - for duels are better mix

    - equip => depends on the situation and your skill (experienc)

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    I couldnt open your builds, links dont work for me.
    This is my bewilder build:

    and my IH spec btw:

    For my muti build I am wondering about taking points from manifestation of the sun and manifestation of regrowth and putting them to endurance of bear to have EB 5/5 instead of 3/5.

    I found mani of regrowth quite useful when on muti I wanted to charge in a group of casters (+rune of resilence - my protection is getting up to 50%, adding stone hide+lycantropic bite and terminator mode on) , mani of sun was my second choice for dps when mani of spirit was on cd. Problem with mani of sun is that I often kill my target and I am not getting this 6 sec+ 75% weapon dps bonus and another thing is that often in pvp during 6 sec you will make either one combo or nothing really. Every shammie I met told me that Mani of sun is 'must have' feat, but I am not so sure about it.

    Even though I was using all 5 manis, and I want them all on my IH spec (or at least 4 , skipping only mani of sun) I think that probably it is better to have passive health regeneration than mani which will not be used all the time. Give some advise ! do you think that mani of sun is 'must have' or just overrated crap?, do you think it is better to have more manifestations or endurance of bear is much better?

    if I have 75 natural health regeneration (in combat health regeneration) how much hp I get per second?

    about weapon: I am using t1 pve weapon instead of t1 pvp- it seems better because has more base weapon dps. I also have weapon from aok but I am not using this one in pvp because of lack of constitution.
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    4 natural health regen = 1 hp/sec.
    So 75 = 18.75 hp/sec.

    But it ticks every 4 seconds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mellaus View Post
    4 natural health regen = 1 hp/sec.
    So 75 = 18.75 hp/sec.

    But it ticks every 4 seconds.
    so it is simply 75 hp every 4 sec? , thx for help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarcopthes View Post
    so it is simply 75 hp every 4 sec?
    Suddenly it looks like it's more, eh?

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    and another thing: I am also wondering about feating ursine spirit, is it really worth for pvp to put 3 pts in there?
    however I wouldnt really swap those points from brutal walker, with bw my mani of spirit is my main source of dps

    I might be thinking about something like this:

    what do you think about weight of the world? some ppl say that it is big improvement to dps, but im not really sure about it.
    Lets say: my critical dmg rating is 20%, with weight of the world 25%. I am criting someone for 4.4k(big crit!-not very often) so it is 2000 from normal hit and 2400(+100% because of crit +20% because of critical dmg rating) from crit. If I have weight of the world feated it will be 4.5k (2000 normal+2500(2000x125%)). If the hit will be mitigated by critigation amount of 30% it is 3080 without weight of the world and 3150 with weight of the world. Correct me if I am wrong but if thats right that means w weight of the world is crap which gives only about 100 more hp taken when big crit occurs ;D am I right?
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    Everyone's got diff theories and playstyles. I personally go for one or two points (or w/e your gear lvl allows you to) in ursine spirit. For my toon there's a lot of time where I stay alive for a long time and mana always run out. Ever since 1.6-2.0 and beyond more than one point didn't make a diff in debuffing (bug), I can only assume it's been fixed.

    I don't like any points in brutal walker in any build but that's your playstyle, I don't use spirit for dps.

    wotw sucks compared to before as it buffed our class so well with snare (hence weight) and extra damage. Now it's just one point to improve your total damage potential. You might as well take it. They should've either moved it higher up in the tree or rid of it completely in the last revamp, then buff untamed strikes with that +5%.

    can i swear in this subforum? **** **** ****
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