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Thread: Thanks D.E.D and friends

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    Default Thanks D.E.D and friends

    Pvp actually happened in Bori and I for one had a blast. A running 8v8 between Bloodline and DED and some friends reminiscent of the old tesso battles made me remember why I missed the peeveepeez server when it had a real population.

    Thanks for coming out guys, I hope it happens again and often.
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    That was fun! Looking forward for more =]

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    Default Thanks....

    Thanks to all who've come out to Bori on various occasions over the past couple of months. Mist Wolves, Bloodline, Nex, Prophets, SR, Immortal Souls, EOS and numerous others (don't take offense if I fail to call your guild by name...I'm old and senile) have helped break the Bori farming monotony on the weekends. I've been told that pvp in Bori will go up another notch once the merger takes place. Guess time will tell.

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    Brining back PvP rp one Boris fight at a time

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