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Thread: Conq Solo Build

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    Cleaned up thread. Stay on topic and help the new guy out.

    And for Doomkiller - good choice of class, have fun!
    Hamsters and rangers and everyone, REJOICE!

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    Back in time i leveled my conq (which was also my first character) as carnage.
    And according to my own experience, i would say that for solo, carnage is much more fun than brute.

    So for solo i would advise something like that :

    The idea is to get the retaliative damages from brute and burst of aggression which resets on kills thanks to remorseless aggression, mainly because for solo it's just the god mode for conq.

    Rest of the points are used to get as much damage output as possible from carnage, with flashing defense and defiance, very useful for soloing as carnage, because if you don't have awesome gear, you'll be more squishy than a barb.

    Basically, you replace the survibility you would get from general by the self heal, the melee bubble, and the endless knockback.

    I would advise also to run the healing formation/discipline, very handy for soloing (maybe not both at the same time).

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    For brute soloing :

    Going general in the previous build is only relevant here if you run often in frenzy stance, which you can do as brute because of the bubble and tankish style. But if it's not the case, you're better off going :

    To get the weapon damage increase from improved discipline and fierce opening.

    Impervious defense and at death's door are feats that are more designed for tanking. A brute conq is a walking tower, and unlike dt, it does not rely on gear to be a monster, so no need to go turtle mode for solo, even if your character is not well developed.

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