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Thread: Post your music !

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    Melodic death metal. (North countries)
    Some power metal. (North countries)
    But mostly some "randoms" which include metal, game music or theme songs etc...

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    Yarr .. Golden Axe - ... you have to hear this if you ever played GA.

    other than that .. has all my music needs covered. Rage against the Machine when I'm in the "mood"

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    I listen to rock, country, rap, pop (the less annoying kind), and a few others randomly thrown in.

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    "in the depths of a mind insane fantasy and reality are the same"

    Yawgmoth (Ranger) - Nyxathid (Necro) - Yixlid (HoX) - Kaltas (DT) - Heung (BS) - Teysa (HoX) - Gatzu (Guard) - Krovax (Ranger) - Hurkyl (Barb) - Vedalken (PoM)

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    Hmmmm.... A lot of metal, and i admit that I have discovered some good sound ! Still, here is another sample of my personal best:
    Keith Jarret, Koln concert, first part
    (other parts are good but under this one)

    EDIT : It's Jarrett... And not Jarret... Hope u like this one !
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    Time for some dubstep and drum and bass:

    ShockOne - Chaos Theory -

    ShockOne - Lazerbeam -

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    I am odd. I tend to listen to medieval and early renaissance music,

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    Default echoes

    this whole album is still the best ever rip roger waters only band allowed ever to pull this off in the coliseum

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    Some good ones so far. I'm all over the place on music and always looking for new, or old, stuff.

    Few random videos you may or may not like:

    Apocalyptica - Nothing Else Matters

    Black Stone Cherry - Lonely Train

    Abney Park - All the Myths are True. This could be the TSW theme song.

    Hellgate London meets Sabaton - Primo Victoria

    Matthew Good Band - Strange days

    Guns and Roses - Sweet Child of Mine

    Florence and the Machine - No Light

    Annie Lennox - Why

    Johnny Cash - Hurt. For the one person who hasn't seen this already.

    Where the Hell is Matt? For that same one person.

    The Fifth Element meets VNV Nation - Illusion

    Dana Gillespie - Foolish Seasons

    Southland Tales may be the most bizarre movie ever made but it had some interesting music.

    Southland Tales - All These Things That I've Done

    Southland Tales - Memory Gospel

    TSO - Christmas Eve/Sarajevo

    Stop Motion Walk across America

    Future World Music - Once in a Lifetime

    John Williams - Shenandoah

    Sigur Rós - Inní Mér Syngur Vitleysingur

    Tommy Emmanuel - Guitar Boogie

    Erik Mongrain - AirTap

    The Three Degrees- -When will I see you again

    Not a music video but I found this hilarious:

    Sad Cat Diary

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    Since I name my characters after bands, this seems like a perfect thread

    Ephel Duath (Ephel, PoM) -

    Meshuggah (Misiuggah (lame wordplay, Misiu is "little bear" in Polish, BS) -

    Cynic (conq) -

    Pavor (demo) -

    maudlin of the Well (Maudlin, DT) -

    Aghora (guard) -

    Amenta (barb) -

    Opeth (HoX) -

    Esthero (ToS) -

    Demilich (Nespithe - title of their LP, ranger) -

    Kvelertak (Ulvetid - first track of their debut, necro) -

    Deathjazz (sin) - well, the best genre

    Bonus - some of Poland's finest: (drum cover, but Krimh adds more groove)
    ...and much more!

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