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Thread: Post your music !

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    Vali~The Mental Mushroom
    Vehl~The Pink Flamingo
    Vahlie~Redhead's bane
    Tisane~Kettle of Xotli
    Nvah~ . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaman-bourru View Post
    Good stuff. I had never heard of the movie, Take Shelter, that's from until now. Will have to look it up as it sounds like my kind of movie.

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    So this is how 8-bit game soundtracks came into existence...
    Damn, where's my NES emulator again... :P
    Coryan (DT) - Stinja (Barb) - Mishal (Sin) - Roneca (BS) - Vihani (HoX) - Jainh (ToS) -
    Kimarys (Guardian) - Demracon (PoM) - Zhandiya (Demo) - Rova (Ranger) - Josephyn (DT) -
    Surioara (Nec) - Alizani (Conq) - Kivonah (Sin) - Victess (Demo) - Subil (BS) - etc.

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    Oats on the Water from Ben Howard. Apparently this was played on The Walking Dead. Dark and moody, my major weakness.

    Been listening to Blackmore's Night recently. Nice folk type music. Perhaps a bit too flowery for some of you.

    Where Are We Going From Here

    Ghost of a Rose

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    Clutch - Crucial Velocity

    Clutch at Stage AE in Pittsburgh, see them 3 times there in the last 2 years. Will see them a 4th time in May.

    Melvins (your favorite band was influenced by the Melvins, you just don't know it)
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    Least time in combat (Master Gyas) Logic: 0:00:01 "Wtf is this sh*t"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Naberu
    "Is she blood-related? If not, j-j-jam it in! If so, meh...j-j-jam it in anyways!"

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    Ebedokles -Priest of Agrigento [threw himself into the volcano!]
    Teargarden -Sin R8
    Teagarden -Ranger R7
    Tempgarden - DeaTea R8
    Teadealer -ToS R3

    Ethicx -Demonologist R10
    Bedtime -Guardian R5
    SponsoredHox R3 delight

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