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Thread: Post your music !

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    Only recently discovered Whitehorse, very talented with a style all their own. A sorta kinda blend of folk and rock.

    Baby, What's Wrong?

    Devil's Got a Gun

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    Tap, tap. This thing on?

    Five Finger Death Punch's tribute to veterans, Wrong Side of Heaven

    Not a music video but, well, fair warning for astronauts:

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    Some proper music for the winter:

    Messiah - Extreme Cold Weather

    Most awesome metal lyrics ever:

    Quote Originally Posted by Messiah
    With all my long hair, I don't need a hat to wear
    Extreme cold weather is reigning outside,
    the wind is blowing and the frost does bite.

    I hope I won't freeze my toes off,
    cause then I will have to cough
    an icycle's hanging from my bum,
    and there lies my neighbours frozen mum.

    The thermometer's below zero,
    don't try to be a hero
    by running to school
    Now you're frozen dead you fool.

    Extreme cold weather is freezing my blood,
    I'd always have summer if I'd be god.
    Now is april and you have thawed,
    you won't step out again into the cold.

    It's sunny, funny and really warm,
    and my body feels like reborn.
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    Sudatorius|Noob barb on Rage

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    i would love to see/hear a immortal do a cover of messiah Hyper Borea would be eargasmic

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    Here is another "proper" music for winter

    Click me

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    Disturbed does a Sounds of Silence cover as likely only he can.

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    Lost in the 90's...

    Chris Isaac, Wicked Game. NSFW

    Seven Mary Three, Cumbersome

    Mazzy Star, Fade Into You

    Edit to add this one:

    Some cinematics from Knights Contract and Dragon Age Origins set to Archangel. Both epic and disturbing... watch at your own risk.

    Epic Cinematic | Two Steps From Hell - Archangel (Extended) (Epic Action) - EpicMusicVN
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    Beth Hart belting out the blues:

    Better Man

    I'll Take Care of You with Joe Bonamassa

    Bang Bang Boom Boom

    One Eyed Chicken

    Unique tune from a young lady from Norway:

    Aurora - Runaway

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