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Thread: [RP Plot]: Season of Chimera

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    Default Old entry from Balorac

    Balocac - Dark Templar Cimmerian // Blackthorn // English server Aquilonia PvP-RP

    Hey Elly and Treizi,

    How wonderful to hear from you! Aquilonian RP was great and I hope I get a chance to experience some more of that with some old friends.

    I will be online soon (probably sometime this weekend).

    Hopefully I will see you there.

    @Galadh and Zando: I am keeping my fingers crossed about the server merge, because this game needs for all RPers to be able gather.

    See y'all soon!

    *big Evul Overlord hug*


    10th February 2012, 22:36
    Lady Elyssa of the House Aithne
    ~ Triath of the Fearghal Clan ~

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    Is cumhacht í an eolas - Knowledge is power
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    Default Just another Day - Part V

    For old friends.

    Just another Day - Part V

    She had counted it to thirty one, thirty one bodies if you excluded some non-matching body parts. Some was decaying fast, even in the cold. Others seemed to be of a later date, slain not so long ago. She wondered how long he had been in that cave, praying on stray Vanir warriors crossing his path. She threw the last body part she had found on the fire and squatted down looking at the pyre. The smoke had already raised high in the air, leaving its black taint on the snow clad trees close by. She had stripped most of her armour, leaving it back in the cave. For that she was glad now, she was up to her elbows in gore, blood and ash. When the flames grew higher she rose and walked closer, feeling the heat through the layers of her clothes.

    “Flood the path with light, turn our eyes to where the skies are full of promise; and so quicken our spirits that we may be able to encourage the souls of all who journey with us on the road of life, to honour, to glory, to death.”

    It was with no joy she recited the prayer, but a part of her felt obligated. Even if she had no ties to the men that had been slain here, they could have been Cimmerians. Even people she might have known. In that case she hoped somebody would have given them a proper burial; a beacon of light into the next world.

    ”Let your Soul take refuge and find the divine light to lead you home to the Halls of your Gods. May you go into the night blessed, sheltered and protected.”

    She moved out of the way for the smoke and stamped four times into the ground. “It is done.”

    She glanced back at the cave entrance and the large mask resting at the cave wall. It took just a split second for her to decide and she moved to fetch it. With a swift move she threw it onto the pyre where it landed slightly to its side. For a long moment it did not look as if the mask would burn, even though the heat. When it finally did catch fire it imploded, casting out black ash and thick grey smoke. Yet again she moved out of the smokes way and continued down to the stream. The snow crunched under her feet and she left grey footprints behind. The water was ice cold, but it was either that or having the smell of rotten flesh on her skin for days. Easy choice. The blood and gore was easily wiped away, but the stains from the ash stayed; like the stains had marked her skin. She continued to rub her hands and arms until she shivered with cold. With not so much a glance at the pyre she walked back into the mouth of the cave; back to the warmth of the camp fire.

    11th February 2012, 01:46
    Lady Elyssa of the House Aithne
    ~ Triath of the Fearghal Clan ~

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    Is cumhacht í an eolas - Knowledge is power
    ~ Aquilonia ~~R.I.P~

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    Default Old entry from Balorac

    Balocac - Dark Templar Cimmerian // Blackthorn // English server Aquilonia PvP-RP

    @Elly: nice to be reading those again! I will be posting some about the evul Overlord who had gone missing for a while...

    @Maeva: good to see you are still around! And yes, I will certainly be kicking off the Pit again. If things go my way, I would like to create some regular Aquilonian RP around it. More to be posted!

    11th February 2012, 19:14
    Lady Elyssa of the House Aithne
    ~ Triath of the Fearghal Clan ~

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    Is cumhacht í an eolas - Knowledge is power
    ~ Aquilonia ~~R.I.P~

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    Default Just another Day - Part VI

    @Balorac - Well, I'm sure looking forward to some wrirtz from you. I think you have been to spoiled by me and Telly in that area!

    Just another Day - Part VI

    It seemed that Balorac had woken up from his slumber and was not on in his best mood. Lying beside the small camp fire he groaned and cursed, his voice echoing against the cavern walls. Elyssa kneeled close to the fire and warmed her ice cold hands over the glowing coals. She took her time to get the fire going again; placing some dry wood on the coals and watched as the flames rose towards the cave´s ceiling. Her soft leather pants were dirty and stained. The skirt was even worse, black ash covered the one side from the waist up her neck.

    Balorac coughed and asked with a raspy voice. “How long did I sleep?”

    “The sun is high... Almost a full circle.” She was focused on the fire and did not look at him when she answered.

    “I suppose I needed the rest.” Balorac nodded slightly.

    “You seem better.”

    “I feel like something a dog ate...”

    Elyssa chuckled and she almost winked at him. “Well....You don’t look better. But you seem it. What is that hideous tattoo on your face?

    If she did not knew better she would say that Balorac almost seemed ashamed. “Thanks... That was part of a ritual... It will hopefully were off soon.”

    Elyssa took her time to look around the cave. The cavern walls in the dim light of the torches and the open fire all seem to have markings on them, of recent date.

    “I dreamt of the place... where I came from...” He continued with a lower voice.

    She gave him a glance, her features was a bit inscrutable.

    “The L world... pieces of land floating in space, torn asunder by being beyond our comprehension.”

    When she seemed satisfied with the fire, she sat a bit closer to him; pulling his mantle aside so she got a better look at his wounds.

    “I suppose I dreamt it all, but it was so vivid...” He looked at Elyssa, almost shyly, and winced as she touched the bandage.

    “Sometimes dreams are just dreams... Other times, Dreams can be so much more that we with our inferior minds can comprehend.” Her eyes did not leave the injury. The swelling had gone down and the edges around the wound were no longer crimson red. Yet he did yank away a bit when her fingertips gently touched his skin.

    “It seems to be working.” His eyes were following her.

    “I got the paste from a Stygian healer… A fierce old lady with some habits better left unsaid. Saved me a couple of times…” She smiled at him and carefully removed the last residues bandages.

    “Stygian?” He chuckled a bit and winced from the pain it caused. “I bet he used some Dark Lace for that. I heard that Shamans us it in so-called natural potions in Stygia.”

    “I bet she did. Seshafi is a sly one…” She grinned at him and let her fingers trail down his side searching for any sign of swelling.

    “She... of course.” He grinned. ” But it seems to work and that is the most important part. Thank you for taking care of me, even though you did carve me up to start with.”

    “This time you deserved it.” She looks at him and grinned back. “One time when she was in Cimmeria... I had to drag her from Conarch; just because she wanted human parts for her experiments and potions.” She shook her head and laughed at the memory.

    “Human parts? “ He did not seem to be able to wipe the grin of his face. ”I can see how that can be a problem. Cimmerians don't like the diseased loved ones cut up for alchemical experiments. They are a bit strange that way... We... are a bit strange that way. I sometimes forget my own heritage.”

    “Takes time to adjust, don’t it?”

    “I don't yet know what to adjust to.”

    Elyssa tilted her head and tried to brush of some of the smudges on her arms. “You find it out... I’m sure of it. You’re not the type who linger in the dark and are afraid to move forward.”

    Balorac nodded a bit and looked straight at her. “I suppose you are right. You know me better than is good for you.”

    “In that we do disagree... I don’t think I do know you that well.... you’re only not used to have someone close… that actually stayed.” Elyssa’s voice was very casual.

    Balorac snorted at her reply. “I had that once before and it nearly got me and her killed. But I am grateful for you company.”

    Elyssa sighed to herself. “Well then… I burnt the mask... And some other things that was in here.” She made a vide gesture around the camp fire.

    “Good. Although I am not sure if it was a mask and if it was good or bad that you did by burning it. Time will tell, I suppose.”

    “The ash don’t seem to be rubbing off.” She held up her smudged arm turning slightly so he could see that the stains continued over her back.

    Balorac chuckled. “I have a sneaking suspicion it is in essence that same stuff that's in the tattoo on my face. That means that it will go away in due time, but not soon I'm afraid.”

    “Well, there goes this shirt then.” She smiled and pulled theatrically in the hem.

    “I will get you a new one, as soon as...” He suddenly frowned. “As I get... a job...”

    Elyssa chuckled at his surprised expression, but could not stop herself from asking. “What happened to Blackthorn?

    “Yeah, laugh at poor Balorac... Blackthorn is fine without me, but Darshan wants me brought in 'for questioning' so I have to stay out of his clutches.”

    She looked him up and down with a too serious face, just a smile away from mocking him. “You should know by now that I laugh with you... Not at you... Would I still be here otherwise?” She gave him a slight friendly push on his shoulder.

    “Knowing him he will have found and confiscated most of my secret stashes, so I suppose I am... without coin.” Balorac smiled as she nearly pushed him over.

    “Darshan.... That is a new player on the board. Who is he?”

    Balorac shook his head. “No, an old one. He is a member of the Council, and up until recently he didn't get involved in worldly affairs.”

    “Council... You must have pissed him off real good.” There was a smirk in the corner of her mouth.

    “I did a little research into him, and it appears to me that the ****er has been around for a long while. And yes, I went against their will, at least against the will of some.”

    “Do you know how long?” There was a sudden eagerness in her voice. Darshan is devoted to the Asura. If he has found IT, this might turn out to be a total new game.

    “It least one hundred years, but I suspect a lot more... If my suspicions are correct than Darshan Singh, or Mercurio Sinistra, or Sinjaya or whatever names he is known by, was there to see the waves swallow Atlantis. That last thing is conjecture, by the way.”

    I need to find him, if he has what I’m searching for, he won’t give it to me lightly. She dampened a cloth with something from a little yellow bottle. With some fuzz, she managed to get it inside the bandage, close to his skin.

    Balorac shouted and cursed. “Crom's balls!”

    “There there… It stings in the beginning and then it will numb the wound.” She made sure he did not see her face.

    Footsteps closed in on them and the shadow of a man appeared close to the fire. He stopped and looked over the two on the cavern floor. “What’s ya doin in here eh?” He smelled of horse and night, cool and pungent.

    Balorac glanced at the man. ” I am lying here, enjoying the scenery while a beautiful young woman tortures me. What's your excuse for being here?”

    Elyssa turned to the newcomer and said impartially.

    “Taking care of a wounded man.” She leaned closer to Balorac and swatted his head friendly. “That’s for the so called torture.” She added a bit lower.

    “Hunting...Vanir trough the valley...Who are ya?” The man asked.

    “I am Ba... I am Culain. And you?”

    “Im Manikan the eagle....and why are you lying?”

    Elyssa turned to the newcomer again. “My name is Lady Elyssa of the Fearghal Clan.”

    Balorac grinned at Elyssa when he answered Manikans first question. “I was tracking the beast that was killing those Vanir, when I came across...

    “He had a slight accident with a sharp sword.” Elyssa said dryly.

    “Liar? You call me a liar, Manikan the Eagle? Would you for me to clip your wings?” Balorac growled and tried to get up. His attempts got cut short by Elyssas firm hands shoving him back down on the pelts. He shot her an irritated look.

    “Hey’re a Fearghal?” There was a surprised tone in Manikan´s voice.

    Elyssa rose and turned to Manikan.

    “You don’t scare me.” Manikan took a step closer.

    “That's just because you don't know me, my fearless friend.” Balorac stated. He looked almost bored over the turn the conversation had taken.

    “Yes... I am of the Fearghal Clan and he is only trying to provoke you...” Elyssa tilted her head towards Balorac.

    “I aint fearless....we all have fears. I´m Koragg.”

    “Greetings then.” Elyssa said.

    “Greetings.” Manikan answered with a short nod. His eyes did not stray from Balorac where he lay on the floor.

    “Koragg.” Balorac harrumphed. “I thought as much. A lot of brawn, little brain.”

    Elyssa had to bite her tongue… hard. For once this is something we agree in.

    The remark hit a nerve and Manikan growled. “Shut up...or I shall slit your throat.”

    “You will try and you will die trying.” Balorac grinned wolfishly. “But I will no longer tease you, my young friend.”

    Manikan smiled an evil smile. “I don’t fear death...wounded little friend.” He stressed the word little, in a quite insulting way.

    Balorac smacked his lip. “You have balls, I admit that. So I am letting you get away with it... Well met, Manikan of Clan Koragg.”

    “And well met to you.” Manikin said dryly.
    Balorac grinned. “And yes, you spotted well that I am wounded.”

    “Yeah.....what have been up to? Manikan asked.

    “I have been hunting for a beast that was giving the Vanir nightmares and this beautiful lady here came to my rescue.” Balorac looked up at Elyssa with a sly smile.

    12th February 2012, 17:58
    Lady Elyssa of the House Aithne
    ~ Triath of the Fearghal Clan ~

    Guild Hall Thread
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    Is cumhacht í an eolas - Knowledge is power
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    Default Just another Day - Part VII

    Based in in-game RP

    Just another Day - Part VII

    “Why where you hunting something the Vanir fears?” Manikan asked and folded his arms over his chest. He didn’t seem convinced.

    “Same reason I came here. To root out the evil.” Elyssa said.

    Balorac nodded in agreement with Elyssa. “Because in my experience, beasts like that like to roam and it would have wandered into your lands soon enough.”

    “True....but we have the Vanir on the run...there are not many with the balls to stay in the valley now a days.” Manikan said.

    “Once it takes hold... It will be more difficult to deal with.” It sounded as she would go on, but instead she looked at Manikan quite doubtful. “You say you would rather have the beast here?”

    “And I might add, I have seen this shadow creature and encountering it would be no laughing matter. Particularly not, if you are a young woman getting water at the river, or an old man looking for herbs.” Balorac added.

    “Hm still...were close to winning the war.” Manikan said.

    Balorac looked from Elyssa to Manikan and shook his head. “I believe we are talking about two different things, but I find it encouraging that the brave Koragg warriors are having the evil Vanir on the run.”

    “We are...haven't you heard?.....We drove many back to the field of death.” Manikan closed his fist in-front of him, visibly showing how pleased this effort made him.

    Elyssa said low. “This is Cimmeria. Nobody is winning the war. It just moves on to another place, only to return a few years later.

    “Hmm, I have been away for a bit.” Balorac winked at Elyssa and continued. “So I am not aware of the current power balance. Pardon my ignorance.”

    “This is Cimmeria...We are Cimmerians we shall win in the end!” Manikan stated proudly.

    Balorac chuckled. “Yeah, there will always be a Cimmerian on the victorious side. Regretfully there will most likely also be a Cimmerian on the losing side, for that is our way.”

    “What do you mean?” Manikan asked.

    “If we don't have Picts or Vanir the kill, we start bashing our own heads in; in my experience at least.” Balorac explained.

    “True....but i rather kill the Vanir to make my land safe and then take care of the other enemies.”

    Elyssa gave Balorac a warm smile.

    “You are absolutely right, my young friend, but my statement still holds als you will find out.” Balorac returned Elyssa's smile.

    “If we lose...every Cimmerian will die....then rather win and then fight the other clans...we will survive that way.” Manikan returned.

    “Cimmerians have difficult to remain peace among them selfs and are only united when an outside force are pressing them down.” Elyssa wiped her chin with must have been the only clean part of her shirt. “I’m not arguing with that. Your fight is noble.”

    “Your? Aint you a Cimmerian?” Manikan looked a bit puzzled. Elyssa did not answered him.

    “I think our argument goes in circles and we are basically all right. That is the tragic part.” Balorac leaned back a bit where he lay and stretched his neck. “Cimmerian fight to be able to defeat his enemies, but he has to keep fighting to keep his skill up.”

    “Yes....” Manikan pulled down his hood and relieved a face not yet marked by age. Elyssa pondered if he even was over 20 summers.

    Balorac sniffed the air and eyed Manikan up and down. “You know that wolfmeat is not good for you.”

    Elyssa put down a little bag she had tied to her belt, a jingling sound was heard when it touched the ground.

    “What do you mean?” Manikan asked a bit guarded.

    “You ate wolf this morning, didn't you?” It was not a question, more of a statement.

    Elyssa gave Balorac a surprised look.

    “ did you know?”

    “Are you kidding me? I can smell it from a mile away, and I can tell you it is not a pleasant smell.”

    “Wolf is good.”

    Balorac shook his head. “Only a desperate man would eat the meat from a predator. I would not do it too often, if I were you.”

    “I live as a predator...why shouldn't I eat another?”

    “Have you ever seen a wolf eat a fox? Or an eagle eats a hawk?” Balorac asked.

    “I´ve seen wolves eat a fox...but not an eagle eats a hawk.” Manikan tried to follow what Balorac meant.

    “That must have been a sick wolf, because normally they will not do that for good reasons.” Balorac said dryly.

    “Wolfmeat tastes good...and it’s easy to get aswell.”

    Balorac shrugged. “Suits yourself. I prefer to eat that what a predator eats, to be honest.”

    “I prefer to eat what I can get.”

    “I suppose there is some truth to that.”

    “So what kind of monster where you hunting?” Manikin asked curiously.

    “The sort that did that... “Balorac pointed at bloodied claw marks that seem to litter the cavern walls, making strange shapes.

    “The villagers told me about a place where they did not dare to go anymore... That was evil and faul.“ She held out her hands with her palms up and made a sweeping gesture.

    “Oh....that one. ”Manikan smiled widely. “The giant spider monster ha?”


    “I was expecting a bearwolf, as they are called in Brandoc, but this was something quite different.” Balorac scratched his chin and wiped his fingers clean on his shirt.

    “A bit more faul and dangerous. We manage to still it for this time... But it might come back…” Elyssa looked at Balorac with a question in her eyes that Balorac bluntly ignored.

    “I can help track it down....many foul things has fallen under my blade.” Manikan pounded his chest proudly whilst he spoke.

    “Lad, this 'thing' tossed me through the cavern like a wolf would a rabbit.”

    “ doesn't sound that scary no offence.”

    “None taken. You weren't here and sometimes ignorance is bliss.”

    “So lets go for a hunt....I could use the corpse...would give great coins!”

    “No offence, but I have to decline on his behalf.” Elyssa pointed at Balorac.

    Balorac shrugged. “I will not face that creature again in my current state, if I can avoid it... There were corpses of over twenty Vanir littered around in the cavern and I know what this thing is capable off.”

    “With my help we can take it down...”

    31 mangled corpses, Elyssa thought to herself. “He sounds alright, but he won’t be able to mount a horse.”

    Balorac turned slightly towards Elyssa. “Elyssa, you saw it... Is there any advice you can give the lad?”

    “I don't have a horse...we I always do.”

    Balorac slowly rose to his feet. He had to lean heavily on the stick he found nearby to even get back up.

    Elyssa pondered a bit. “What you see is not always true. The creature can change form and are fast. You might need to set a trap.”

    Lady Elyssa of the House Aithne
    ~ Triath of the Fearghal Clan ~

    Guild Hall Thread
    Roleplaying Guide

    Is cumhacht í an eolas - Knowledge is power
    ~ Aquilonia ~~R.I.P~

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