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Thread: BIG EVENT in Conan on MAY 23 [Title edit Drest]

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    i thought the event was a lot of fun. its not like fc can concern themselves too much with raid mechanics when 100 people are fighting the boss.

    to me, the highlight was the basilisk. it was so huge you could see it way across the zone.

    the only place i had lag issues was khemi.

    good job funcom.

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    I too have to fall in line and salute the devs and Joel on a great anniversary event. Thanks a lot for these five hectic and fun days. Was great to see all these people gather up and kill stuff togheter.

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    Agreed the event was super fun. Keep up the good work Joel.

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    Thanks again for an awesome and memorable 5th anniversary.

    Conan has been done proud by Joel and the dev team. Seeing they pulled this off makes me very optimistic for the future.

    Servers have been stresstested to it's limits and haven't melted down, so looks good for US/EU mergers as well.

    Great job people... you all make me proud of being a member of this great game and community. *sob*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Argantes View Post
    ultra rare bonus boss spotted in Cimmerian End in the T3 resource area, come come!

    yep, was nice event indeed, thumbs up
    We tried that the second or third day, claiming to have seen the yeti boss or son of ymir in CE...

    Only got a couple of bites but it was worth it.

    Also: great job Joel and FC. I've never seen so much positivity, genuine helpfulness, and cooperation in global EVER.

    Further also: @the naysayers, don't be butthurt that there's newbies that have a portion for almost free what you grinded your ass off for. If it wasn't worth it to you to grind for it back when, that's on you, not the new folks. Anyone who's seen any one expansion in any one mmo knows times change and old achievements are exactly that, old.

    Further further also: Was nice to see GMs in global. Who'da thunk it
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    Great event. I wish they released this on steam right before the event. I'm sure many more steam players would have stayed on seeing the madness of all these people running around.
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    I managed to get a butt ton of brain juice and a T2 2H sword. Too bad I spec'ed as a carnage conq. Still, lots of fun running around from instance to instance.

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    Thanks for the event, was fun to see all the people gather and spam the global to inform where the boss spawned...

    good work and hope you will breath a new life into AoC Joel, you have a good start now !
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    Thumbs up

    This event was a great idea, and soo much more fun than "just" gifts from the ingame store.

    Sure there were some lags and some FPS issues, which did on occasion make hitting the boss and/or getting the quest impossible... but hunting the bosses around the various areas, rushing to the ones showing up, and taking them down with some 100+ other players was definitely a lot of fun. See the hordes of guys racing each other on camel/horse/wolf/tiger/foot around the world!

    As far as I'm concerned, the random loots were an incentive -- and I can't complain, it certainly was random but that's part of the fun and it worked out well -- but... the hunt was the main motivation.

    Thank you for this!
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