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Thread: BIG EVENT in Conan on MAY 23 [Title edit Drest]

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    Default BIG EVENT in Conan on MAY 23 [Title edit Drest]

    Looks like there will actually be a fun anniversary event in Conan live in game this year. =)

    Thank goodness and cant wait to have fun hopefully its a bit randomized so its not always the same path or part of the city that gets attacked. =)

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    Default Its official and real.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rohaus View Post
    Nice photoshop!
    lol, NO its really REAL. check your emails Funcom really announced it. =)
    Might be the perfect time to get our old friends to resub for the event. =)

    5 year veteran Conan,

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    Yup ... s'true ... read the email this morning.
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    Nice, waiting for it =)
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    Got it in the mail. Super pumped for it!

    It's what we wanted back and 2009 ;P

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    I got the e-mail too but I see no Vistrix or Nyarl! :-P

    Edit: My bad, I didn't have images enabled. I see them now. This is going to be great, :-). I asked them in the Suggestions thread for some random world encounters like RIFT although less frequent, obviously! ^.~.
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    got the mail in spam box :P

    yeah, flying vistrix above the Conan castle, and the Kraken in khemi docks.

    We shall see some new monsters that were hidden in the dusty data base :P
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    You guys are all a bunch of stinkin liars!!! I am not going to fall for this mob lie! I am not going to check my email!!!!

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