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Thread: BIG EVENT in Conan on MAY 23 [Title edit Drest]

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    This was a great idea. Change the locations, replace the loot table with shop potions, 4-hour foods, and old world purples. Keep them in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anubium View Post
    Glad I'm not on a pvp server trying to do this though, I can imagine the mass chaos for those not in raids trying to do this (or two raids at once aoeing the bosses).
    No chaos on Tryanny, because we can hardly even get a boss to spawn other than Khemi.

    The only bosses killed on Tryanny that I'm aware of is the Dragon and Kraken. Most zones on Tryanny are empty all the time so the others never spawn.
    Not to mention you can barely get 1 raid filled on Tryanny for the fights. With many of them being lowbies.

    Made 4 tries at the worm in EM only for it to fail every time. When we did finally get it to stay up, at 14% health left a couple players came in and ganked our group killing the Main Tanks and caused it to reset.

    Funcom really screwed the low population servers with this event.
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    Damn, this is so sad to hear. I mean those events on Crom were madness, with literally hordes of players rushing from one map to another.

    Just epic.

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    Feels like Lineage 2: silly Korean grinding with high rewards and low-level exploits. This is the worst anniversary of all time, including free AAs...

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    When i first tried to get to a boss, there was a raid and i was summoned. Guess what happens.
    The second one i crashed to desktop while freezing solid in a raid.
    The only times i manages to keep alive and not crashing were when i was solo and just walking to the bosses.

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    This has been a very good event (aside from dumb Kraken and thoughtless players overloading zones until they crash). A job well done on FC's part.

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    How to describe this event? Pure madness! But in a good way.
    Rushing from one boss to another like crazy, calculating the fastest way to it, changing instances, and then finally kill it with a shitload of other people. 100+ (150-200 maybe?) people brainlessly whacking at the boss was something that I never tough it would be so much fun. At the end I didn't even care about 3-5 FPS and 1000+ latency.
    Good job FC, keep up the good work

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    This is clawing back a bit on GW2. Good things adding somethingthat people find fun in that game.

    Many players there enjoy running from boss to boss and community make timer for the appearance of them. We need it a bit more random than that, so it cant be timed completely.

    Now you need to make a weekly quest to down a bunch of world monsters as well and people be hunting for weeklies :P dailies, achievements etc etc

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    Achievements would be a good thing to add, but would probably be a pain in the ass to implement now I suppose. There are a rediculous number of people that love collecting titles and all that stuff (very ocd & addictive) - goodness knows I spent too much time getting heaps of those silly things in GW back in the day.
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