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Thread: city renown 19 archetype pets

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    Default Guild city renown 19 archetype pets

    bringing back topic from archived forums, see:

    ■Two mysterious women, the Unseen and a Silent Practitioner, move to your city. The Unseen, the Silent Practitioner, the Local Warmonger, and Reverent Settler each offer two new quests, only to rogues, mages, warriors, and priests, respectively. Each quest reward is a piece of unique social headwear, and a choice between three unique (and mutually exclusive) companions.
    First part:

    Speak to:

    - Local Warmonger (Soldiers)
    - Unseen (Rogue)
    - Silent Practioner (Priest, Mage)

    All archetype quests head you to Imirian Ravine (guild village is in Poitain) - Rogue item is at the last boss, the other items are at the tents below the last boss.

    Hand in item and get your fancy new headpiece.

    Second part (repeatable):

    Get quest to kill Seruah (W2) for pet:

    - Soldier pets: Sergeant at Arms, Silverback Gorilla, Lion Cub
    - Rogue pets: Snow Stalker, Lacheish Stag, Ruby Whelp
    - Priest pets: Neophyte, Grizzly Cub, Blessed Serpent
    - Mage pets: Reanimated Carcass, Winged Hunger, Crawling Spite
    Grizzly Cub
    Blessed Serpent

    Sergeant at Arms
    Silverback Gorilla
    Lion Cub

    Reanimated Carcass
    Winged Hunger (bat)
    Crawling Spite

    Snow Stalker
    Lacheish Stag
    Ruby Whelp

    can someone post ingame screenshots of the following pets, please?
    Winged Hunger (maybe the same as the Halloween quest reward?), Lion Cub (bigger/better quality please) and Snow Stalker
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