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Thread: How do I get agro?

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    With that name and the comments you can never know if it's trolling or serious but I'll just go with serious... from a PVE perspective:


    DPS (Carnage): Stupid amounts of damage with moderate team support. The highest single target melee damage in the game thus far that I have seen, except for corner cases where a DT might be hitting multiple targets but you are only interested in the one, in which case DT might be ahead. Also a mind numbingly boring style of gameplay where you rotate 3 combos and press just a few cooldowns. No skill.

    Tanking (Brute): My favourite class so my bias is out there. Can do strong DPS if played the 'right' way. Aggro is consistent with the other tanks in that some fights are yours, some fights are theirs. Very good against physical, the weakest against magical / protection fights. More complicated than most classes to do right.

    Dark Templar:

    DPS: In my opinion, why bother with a clown suit (ie: magic damage suit) when you can practically do the same while main tanking.

    Tanking (Depravity mostly): Features a Dread Shadow but one of the real, less recognised boons is Vile Zone of Gluttony. A great spec if you are not well geared as it is tougher due to the BYO off-tank and soul barrier. DPS is OP as hell and will make pure DPS classes frustrated. Game play isn't complicated (below).

    Tanking (Desecration mostly): Bat **** insane DPS that will make DPS classes wonder why they are there. Sacrifices a little bit of mitigation but due to the outrageous damage they gain a whole lot of life taps in exchange. IMO it is THE spec to run when you are geared. Probaby the highest aggro for the most amounts of situations, and, further, situationally can have some of the most survivability. Gameplay is bland but the DPS numbers are out of this world.


    I only have a noob Guardian in blues but have been amazed at both the initial survivability and aggro right out of the gate. It's a class where it's hard to be bad at (there's bad conqs, bad DTs, but there's a lot less bad guards). Friends I have seen play DTs or Conqs very well have commented that their Guardians feel at least as good in aggro as their others.

    Biggest issue I see for Guardians is that the other tanks are roughly as capable at tanking as they are but do 5x the damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boesch View Post
    With that name and the comments you can never know if it's trolling or serious but I'll just go with serious...
    recent revamp made class have some overpower issues main ones retaliation ability, its untouched mechanics grant extreme power to conqs in pvp any class procs/combos/spells wich place multiple efects will proc an unajusted amount of damage wich doesnt correspond to the actual effect/damage example dt's mark of gwalur extremely low damage retaliation retaliatory damage is above 5 times damage this curse damage does to conq
    also overcome the odds kb is to fast and powerfull granting most powerfull cc's to class wich gets refreshed too many times in pvp given its mechanics of getting cooldown refreshed every time someone gets a kill in pvp.
    one last push has no upper limit for how much it can crit wich leads to this "spell" be able to sometimes deal excruting damage.
    carnage conqs get furious inspiration way faster then brute cons and remade bladeweave makes class outdps pure dps classes by unfair amounts with extremely easier mechanics as well.

    so overall class is easiest to play of all soldier classes and easymode gameplay in pvp after pvp4 gear is available with proper spec; especialy in brute specs with 2h combo steps range being big enough for noobs not to miss combos.

    Dark Templar:
    feat variation possibilities is very limited, and you can only use 1 perk and without it you cannot compete in anyway with other tanks.
    void of madness grants and refreshs its bonus dps buffs just by being able to hit target.
    you can use a huge range of different combos so its fun.
    combo range is very minute so its very easy to miss combos, so it actualy takes experience to be able to land your combos in pvp, exception the fear combo its range is huge!!! as well as its damage if all 6 void procs are up.

    so flaws are no real possible variations on gameplay and only 1 perk possible to use, very low hate generation and no oh shlt bubbles to use, dps is high enough to counter that with self healing from health taps and the raw dps generates enough agro to compete with other tanks, extremely gear depedant dont expect agro if you have less then 12%crit chance due to vom perk dependancy for everything.

    its only soldier class dealing magic damage so gameplay is interesting.

    dps is low compared to all classes, but tempest/polearm grants very good burst damage possibilities so in pvp tempest specs+general tree make up for terminator kind of gameplay allied with poilearm's extreme range of combo reach.
    flaws with tempest are a few redundant feats wich make them unusable or unatractive.
    not many combos available to use so gameplay with polearm is dull.

    juggernaut+general tree offers very low dps and extremely high hate generation alongside best survivability, major strenghts are gameplay wise you have many combos available and abilities to use during and combined with them so its very demanding attentionwise and very fun gameplay to maintank in juggernaut+general tree.

    guardians main advantage is extreme survivability+burst hate generation, for example on my guardian in t3 crafting encounter i can reach 62.9 protection and handle the crafting mobs almost by myself with another soldier slowing down mobs without major issues, something a dt or conq would struggle to match.

    main thing about guardian is its going to resist anything you throw at it and hold the agro against independant how high dps'ers are.
    what stands out in conq is it had a recent tweak revamp so for most part all feats&perks are working wich cant be said about guardian and dt's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CraigMorrison View Post
    So is it true that the Guard class is worthless in comparison to a DT or Conq? I was told by "Combat" a guard who say's he's really good, that they basically are worthless.

    Hes the last person you want to listen to about tanking.

    For pvp, pole guard is beast. S/S is worthless.

    For pve, on mobs that have low defenses, polearm is the better tank, you have less hate abilities, but more dps for aggro. On high defense mobs, S/S is usually better, you'll have higher survivability, and your taunts and hate mods will be more effective. You'll need to learn to use your tactics and stances and weapon switching to max out what you can do relative to a DT who knows what they're doing.

    It's true on some mobs that DTs will do uber dps and you won't pull off them, but for the bosses that do really heavy damage especially magic dmg or have agro reset, guards are extremely useful.

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    doesn't have vom

    doesn't have vom

    Dark Templar:
    has vom

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    I think noite might play a DT as he is extremely 'soft' on them for their rabid OPness. "Very low hate gen" trololol?

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    The 3 soldiers are powerful, each in their own way.

    Now since the question was about the guard, well, the main strength of the guard is that you can play it as juggernaut and be pretty much free from needing any gear and AA. At all.

    DT relies on gear and AA a lot, it's the most dependent class in that regard in the entire game.
    Conq is middle ground. You can do well without much gear and AA.
    But the real king in that area is guard.

    As juggernaut, you can pretty much tank anything in blue gear.

    So no, guard is not worthless, it's a very powerful tank and the most reliable one by far.
    The only down side is that it hits like a pussy, that's what is the most frustrating. It just lacks juice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mellaus View Post
    As juggernaut, you can pretty much tank anything in blue gear.
    ^^^ I always grin when I can see I get to ~56-57% protection with my T4, AAed DT (ofc while be able to do some damage and tank anything) when my guard with culture BLUES and pretty much no AAs in protection can get same amount and still have better aggro on protection fights ;-) - Age of Conan feat planner
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