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Thread: Future merge: Who will defend their Keep

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    Default Future merge: Who will defend their Keep

    Not that it will happen for a long time, but when the merge of US and EU servers happen which guilds that currently hold keeps will try to hold them.

    8 keeps and possibly double the population I'm hoping it will be fun. If it ever happens...
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    Yeah this will be awesome to follow
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    If history is any indicator, by the time anything actually gets merged, there will be about 5 guilds big enough to field even half of a siege defense force.

    I'm sure this time would be different though.

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    i do not believe there is a future for pvp in aoc. wait until the directors letter is announced with details of changes and merge schedule. do not believe the live team that is working on 3 games at othe same time will be able to incorporate old game systems like sieges into the future pvp of aoc unless ther is some type of reward or they bring back bk buffs.

    on a side note if i want fun large scale pvp, just do a 20v20 map in neverwinter on rogue
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